Saturday. Tuesday. What’s the difference?

Right turn, Clyde.

So, Clyde missed Saturday because he was preparing for Running Naked With Scissors. What else did the SEP hold? Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. The rainbow is nice.


The fractals did not make you wordless this past week. You picked giggles, adult, music and toys. My answers:

  1. Leaf Life
  2. Dropped Paint Balls
  3. Sunrise
  4. My Dance Space
  5. B/W Irish

If you moved your laptop screen back or forward, #2 and #5 morphed and/or disappeared. A portion of Life Life is featured in Mantra’s Book of Shadows.

There was no favorite. In fact, no one picked a favorite. Mine? #3, although #2 was just fun before, during and after.

MIA Makes for Changes

For the majority of the week, I was MIA. Part of it was the wrapping up of the disaster area expounded upon in the last SEP. The trip to Charleston was not a complete wash because I got a chance to eat lunch with Christine Nolfi and talk books, sequels and hiatus.

The rest of it was ending an era. Tomorrow will be one of the last Writer’s Spotlights on The M3 Blog. Over the last six months, the work which goes into producing the interviews has proved more than I am willing to tolerate, on top of taking Wordless Wednesday out of my menu.

With the exception of a few friends I want to promote, the WS will go dark.

Mantra coldAnother change will be from Mantra. She has been on strike lately due to my writing much fiction, a new self-help book and my tendency to light her lantern to burn midnight oil. My poetry these days makes MBS look like nursery rhymes. Since I have no plans to cut in on my Goth friends’ dances, poetry will be spotty at best.

What does that leave?

A whole lot of nothing.

Clyde is around for the duration, even when he does not stay home. He has scheduled appearances around the sphere over the next few months. Some of his outings are places we have not been lately, if ever.

MAD logoMAD will be making periodic appearances. If you are new and have no idea MAD is not about rants, please check the tab beneath the header. MAD is a great thing.

Wordless Wednesday is scheduled until September. Doubtful it will fall off the edge soonly.

Flash in the Pan is here to stay. After more than a year, it has become one of the most popular features around here.

Other than that, I will be answering Ask Momma questions. Occasionally, we will delve into some of my old case files, as I have yet to have one which is relevant to only the client. No chance I will be breaching confidentiality, so do not ask.


No right turn tonight. At the outset, I told you Clyde went walkabout.

Me? I just do not have a lot to say.

Have a terrific end to your day or bright morning to my friends and readers on the other side of the globe. I appreciate you all.

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  1. I know that there will always be changes but I also know that whatever you add, or refresh will be exceptional as with all of your fine projects. When there are new ideas surfacing it is good to push them through, give everyone a taste of your varied and exceptionally lively imagination, and keep the success of M3 and Redmund productions high on the pedestal where they belong.

    I know that since I started following you around, well metaphorically speaking, that I have come to know a wonderfully sweet and determined young woman with drive and true commitment. A woman that surprises everyone with the degree of professionalism and accuracy that is fashioned with every single update, and furthermore the proficient well integrated support that is implemented with every new author that is taken under your wing and the relentless hours that are spent finalising and making sure that each new manuscript offered for publication is complete and without error.

    The mind boggling push when new books are published and are awaiting the public eye, enhancing where possible, thus giving an opportunity to unknown authors through Indie Publishing.

    Marketing is very important and each writer needs to do their homework, not leave everything for Red to think of, or to prompt when sales are dwindling perhaps, only through a well organised promotion and marketing spree can any of us hope to encourage sales, though I know that Red will be on hand to guide but not to hold hands, authors are responsible for their own work, and with an optimistic push through many avenues this can be achieved.

    Keep up the great work Red, for you are a true diamond 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • Thank you, Andro. I shall be taking some time for myself in between all the things I do for M3 and for others. I am hoping it leaves more time for marketing for myself these days… not just everyone else.

      Enjoy your time off.


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