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You have to love one line emails. They are quick to process and easy to delete because you can remember one line. Meet the inbox winner this morning:

Are you crazy?”

In like fashion, I answered with one line:

Why, yes, but however did you notice?”

English: Grayscale image of a Microsoft LifeCa...

I realize the Internet is a powerful thing; and my laptop has an onboard web cam (note to self: make sure it is disabled); and I blog, write, comment, et cetera, about my everyday, mundane life and experience; and a lot of people know me or know of me. But…

What is behind Curtain #2, Bob?

Pandora's Box Front

Judging based upon the vignette you see can be dangerous. Pandora really thought the box was beautiful.

Look at the pretty colors!

When was the last time you flipped through your photo albums? What did you see? I bet I can guess some of them.

  • Birthday celebrations
  • Baby pictures
  • Nights on the town
  • Wedding photographs
  • Funny happenings
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Smiles

Why is that? 

We want to remember the happy times. We record them for posterity to peruse when times are not so happy, easy or uplifting. They bring us pleasure and a warm nostalgia which is ofttimes enough to combat what would otherwise be a miserable day.

The Deep Dark Secret

Tornade002My albums include some very heart-wrenching photographs as well. I temper all the sugary merriment with snapshots of the tough times. Why? Much to the dismay of my emailer, for the same sane reason I have the happy ones. To remember…

What NOT to do

In the grand scheme of lessons learned, we have to remember a few life truths:

  • Without the mistakes we make, we would not be where we are today.
  • Were it not for scar tissue, some of us would disassemble.
  • Healing necessarily means learning.
  • A degree from the School of Hard Knocks is more valuable than a sheepskin.
  • Sometimes, knowing what NOT to do is more important than knowing what TO do.

Salt on my Melon

You never know how good things are until they have gone horridly awry. The saltiness of the bad times lets us know how sweet the good times really are. Since salt is bad for your heart, keep those times to a minimum, but use them to savor the sweetness.

What do you do to maintain perspective?
How do you remember how good you have it?

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