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Dear Saved File

File Folders Free Clipart

We all have completely different filing methods which should, theoretically, work the same.

Total Sensory Input

People Memories

Has anyone ever told you, “I am a visual person. You have to show me.”? Maybe you know someone who is auditory who needs the instructions read to them. Tactile people have to do it themselves to learn how. Then, there is me.

Muse for Monday

Do you make countdowns? Maybe, just on New Year’s Eve. Maybe, to the spanking which never comes because someone straightens up before you get to the end. Something else entirely?

Memory of a Date

He watched her in the kitchen. She moved with purpose, gathered ingredients and appeared to be doing fifteen things at once. He witnessed this ritual of an elaborate brunch after a leisurely morning in bed on each of their 23 anniversaries. Rather than guess which steps belonged to which process, his mind wandered.

Muse for Monday


Memories and nostalgia are the chills and the warm fuzzies which link us to our pasts. Both are triggered by any number of things: A smell, a sound, a song, the wind, places, cars….you get the idea. Anything can remind us of the people no longer in our lives. Let’s walk down the hall, shall […]