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Mantra coldMantra has not been silent in my absence. Instead, she has put the final poems into a third book and began a fourth.

From the third installment (currently awaiting cover art), comes quite a bit of tattling. Yes, she is singing my words to save your ears from the most grating tones of my voice.

Non-Love Story

If I sat down to write a love story,
I’d be accused of illiteracy.
Not because I don’t know all the words.
The way I use them seems so contrary.

My gifts don’t come from florists or gift shops.
Chocolate is much more fun out of the box.
I want different things tied with that ribbon.
I never want you to even think “Stop!”

Such creative ways we diffuse anger,
Twist the abusive world for our pleasure.
Ravenous appetite fuels the frenzy.
Who cares if the screaming wakes the neighbors?

Fireworks fade and darkness settles in.
Once jangled nerves hum on the same wavelength.
Here the thorns are as sweet as the roses.
It makes me want to climb into your skin.


Do you engage, or have you, in erotic therapy? What is there about touch which soothes our souls?

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  1. Pleasures and erotically orientated creativity certainly tastes better than any mundane offerings my dear friend, and there are no boundaries to dull one’s senses, which adds to the taste of wickedness, yes?

    Wow it’s been so long since I added any comments here (anywhere in WordPress related websites) that I am wondering if I will remember how to do it… Hey, add the content to your inbox cheeky 😉 lol

    I love your postings, they are always so rich my beautiful friend, now where’s that ribbon? Ah yes, waiting to be tied onto something… lol

    Have a wonderful Friday
    and weekend Red and Chad 😉 🙂

    Andro xxx

    • Not sure where your smiling face is , my dark friend. Bah.

      So many creative ways to burn the energy besides fight, eh? *wicked giggles*

  2. Well, I almost got it right 🙂 lol
    Now, will attempt it again and
    see if my icon appears 🙂

    (((Hugs Aplenty Red)))

    Andro xxx


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