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With all of the customer service issues over the weekend, Mantra decided to get in on the game as well. She is such a cheeky wench.

She took to the eternal waiting in a way we normally associate with waiting for the perfect Mate…as we all know conceptually perfect Mate is a fallacy. What results is Whirligig.

Even if the macabre is not your cup of tea, this will resonate with you if you have ever spent so much as one minute on hold or time waiting in excess of one second for anything to load on your computer, be it software or Internet.


There is a skeleton in my office chair.
To its left hand, a vente latte,
To its right, a modem and mouse.

The skeleton sits. Its blank eyes stare.
What it would utter, no one can say.
With what’s on the screen, it’d likely grouse.

A blue whirligig spins aimlessly,
Chasing its tail, but searching for…what?
The moden blinks the wink of mischief.

A smart phone rings, its tone all tinny.
The face reads “Customer Service Bot”.
Did the skeleton just say, “As if!”?

A spider crawls where there once was hair,
Spinning an epitaph just to say:
“Died waiting for signal in the house”



I hope you got a kick out of this one. It was time for some lightheartedness. What epitaph would you write for your computer?

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  1. You need a quicker one Red, actually I was going to say a quick one but after mentioning something to Sue a bit earlier I thought, nooooooo I will be very careful how I write this one down 🙂 lol

    I like this Whirligig
    posting it’s brilliant 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • ROFL! I saw that. No doubt. I am so ready for the days when puters can be implanted in the brain so they are always synced. 😉

  2. how could lizzie have just the exact fitting pic for your post!?!?!?
    Funny, when I opened this post everything froze long enough for me to wonder and ctrl-alt-dlt. As soon as the task manager appeared everything jumped into place, Task Manager is a no nonsense manager!!
    I must say I LOVED this piece from Mantra.
    I also, must carefully say the following: “perfect Mate is a fallacy” – mayhaps spelled instead as – “ph” rather than “f”. SHAME on me. It’s not even 8 am yet!!
    *blushingly slinking away*
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