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Green fairy MantraThursday was any other day filled with appointments and deadlines. Why is it when I have entirely too much to do, Mantra decides to sing and block out the sounds of the mundane things (like ambulance sirens)? After this one was on paper, the irritation ebbed.

Once I read through what made it to the paper, I had to laugh: Introspection at the hands of a fairy.

As you read Hurry, think about the things which make you scurry. What is it which makes you rush around and accomplish at half-accuracy those things which years ago you would have mastered in moments?

Ticking ClockHurry

When did they appear?
And whence do they spring?
Can we stem the tide?
Make them all disappear?

Piles of things strewn around,
Lists to do and things to get.
Jobs yesterday accomplished
At the end of this day undone.

It moves faster now than before,
Measured in page turns
Rather than the old ticks,
Always a loss in the eternal score.

Remember when minutes were enough
To skate through the piles
Obliterating tasks, buying needs?
When did those things become tough?

We’d fly by deadlines, projects ahead,
Slap together products, no directions.
Now, the lines pass by just as fast,
Not the projects, but we who are dead.

What thief in the night stole Chronos blind?
Who emptied the hourglass
Of its measuring sand?
It’s a crime exceedingly unkind.

Did we do this injustice?
Making the calendar so heavy
We can’t tote it to meetings
Or cart it beyond our avarice ?

Wanting to do and to have it all
We’ve laden our minutes, hours and days
With tasks great and impeccably small.
In the end, lack of time is our downfall.


Time moves faster as we get older. 

How true is this statement? What makes it true? How do we slow it down?

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  1. Perhaps winning the lottery, buying an island in the middle of nowhere and just enjoying every day on the beach drinking from a deliciously formed females naked…

    Actually I was going to say her naked imagination as the thoughts of time and the willingness to absorb the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years in the presence of such exceptionally and sumptuous beauty is every man’s dream, well every heterosexual man’s dream should I say…

    And for you ladies that enjoy the attention of an unclad naughty boy with the descriptions of Adonis your fantasies en route for pure and deliciously enchanting ecstasy are amplified beyond immeasurable means…

    Now how about that for a wickedly
    exciting slant on the passing of time? 🙂

    Do have a most wickedly
    enjoyable rest of weekend Red 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Quite poetic, I must say. And in a way which would make the passage of time quite an enjoyable one, to say the very least.

      Have a wickedly wonderful rest of the weekend, Andro 😉

      • Thank you my wickedly great friend 🙂

        hey you will need a lot of coffee ready for my latest offering Red, indeed it is the longest script that I have ever offered here for anyone to read and I doubt if anyone will bother 🙂 😉 lol

        Be good now and watch
        out for those naughty robots 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

  2. For me: It’s those damn kids. I feel like I have less time, but really, I just have more to do. More food to buy, more food to cook, more people to please, more places to take the little people, more time needed for homework………………….less time to relax, less time to sleep, less time to read, less time to write……………………………

    • You are going to love the ideas from the next part of time management. It deals with the little people.

  3. Perhaps time moves faster because there is realization that we do not live forever. That there is an end. There is a bit of panic over this realization that comes with age. I know, you think I am younger how do I know this but trust me I have had dark times and do know that there is an end. Seize the present and do your best in the present. Good poem Red.

  4. When I was younger, I used to wish for my next birthday and my mom told me to stop wishing my life away. I wish I had listened. Good Post Red

    • Oh, that is rich! I always say the “one to grow on” candle as the one to be sure to blow out first 😉


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