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Leaves and Pages and Elephants

Anyone can eat an elephant

New Year’s resolutions. Social media is full of them. How about a different sort of challenge?

Saturday Evening Post

What a fabulous week! Free books, contests, books and more! Grab a cuppa, snuggle into a rocker under the fans and let’s talk. Clyde is being sneaky, but helpful.

Muse for Monday


The regularly scheduled post for tonight has been preempted so Mantra can bring you what she thinks compliments Clyde’s Friday idea. If you are not clear on what that means, stop by the SEP and skip down to Clyde. When you get to the end, we will be right here waiting for you.

Around the Block

We started our trip around the time suction block by coming to the conclusion Time is valuable. At the end of the street, we look down the next segment of the block and determined the difference between rewarding time spent and time suck. The third section of the block was finding where our me/leisure time becomes a time suck. This […]

Muse for Monday


We are wrapping up the time management series tomorrow. The Blogging A to Z Challenge set our time table off just a hair, so this poem should have come after it was over. Instead, it is a foreshadowing of what will be revealed in the final segment. Are you ready to hear from Mantra tonight?