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Conspiracy Theory

School is back in session, and they are everywhere. You see them in the early morning waiting for buses and walking home in the afternoon. The only way to be clear of them is to go out during school hours.

Teenagers. Not just any teenagers, mind you. Teenagers smitten with one another…or so they think.

She is only being coy.

The blossoming of love is something we ponder in spring; however, more of it happens at the start of the school year than any other time. All of those hormones are herded into small areas. Then, after being forced to Stop Talking!, they pass notes with hearts and SWAK on them.

Do you remember that? Girls clumped together hugging books, giggling as they wait to catch a glimpse of that boy. Boys strutting like peacocks and competing for the attention of that girl.

Mantra thinks the entire thing is nauseating. I See You is a foray into the world of crushes and first loves. See if you can see yourself in the poem.

I See You

There are two of them in the yard.
They’re almost identical in size.
One brunette. The other ginger.
Heads together in conspiracy.
Along the sidewalk another one comes,
His chest pushed out, catches their eyes.
They turn their backs to whisper.
One blushes and sneaks another peek.

He waits at the corner, glancing back
To see if they are interested.
His friend is coming up the street,
Oblivious to their watchful stares.
He and his friend try another tack
Turning and whispering, yet posed.
Watching them in a car window,
To his friend he issues the dare.

Side-by-side they stride up to the pair
Greeting blushing faces with smiles.
Small talk between sweet, coy looks,
Eyelashes batted demurely.
His friend asks first of the brunette.
He’s completely lost in her wiles.
He offers to carry her books,
And she accepts with a giggle.



Have you ever taken a dare to meet someone? Who was your first love? Are you looking through the window at them? Did you ever play hard to get? Were you shy or coy?

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  1. Does chocolate count as a first love?

    As for teenagers, at least the schools keep them locked up and off the streets for most of the day.
    Binky recently posted..True KnowledgeMy Profile

    • I do believe it should. I think you are right about the schools. I know plenty parents who are glad to get a break from their children whilst school is in.

  2. Althea Young

     /  September 10, 2012

    I love this post. It makes me in love over and over again. I remembered my senior years in High School when I met my first love.
    I really love that piece of writings, did you wrote them yourself..?

  3. This poem is a time capsule for me, Red…..and I was with Mantra on my feelings for the whole situation. Luckily, I found a comic artist and poet when I was fifteen. I had to travel to see him, but my parents were very good to me about this. Then I learned to take the bus and rail system into Boston to his haunts. Getting out of the school system was my great escape. I contacted him a few years ago, and was happy to hear he is comfortable with his cats and a new wife =)
    Gail Thornton recently posted..Poem – Last Night’s DreamMy Profile

    • Sometimes I look at teenagers like I look at little old couples. Then, they say something, and I am with Mantra. 😉 I was married very young, so I look back on that age very differently than most. xxx

  4. UGH! It’s all over my church youth group too. One has had 3 different boyfriends since schools started a couple weeks ago!!!! 🙂
    Angela Young recently posted..Writing MountainsMy Profile

  5. It;s not only nauseating – its – you can feel the embarrassment and no one wants to think they acted that silly – I remember that giddy feeling though the butterflies and stuff… I never knew what being coy meant – iwas truly shy around boys no games or allure intended… I was the late bloomer – a heavy kid that got made fun of and when I bloomed I had no idea of how well… my brothers friends apparently mistook my shyness for being stuck up – angst – teenage angst..waking down the hall was painful …ug.. this did bring that back but mostly the boy who was my first bf – there was no angst or uncomfortableness that year but he was a senior and I was a sophomore and it was the following years that sucked.. I have been dared and gone out with a boy cause my friend liked his friend.. oh let me stop… was angst I tell you.. and oh yeah..stopping 🙂
    Love ya
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..What is it about Buckets?My Profile

  6. I only had one crush at school and she was a stuck up pain in the ass who used her looks to persuade the boys to – literally – fight for her attention!

    I didn’t get involved with anyone until I was in my twenties – I guess I was a slow beginner! 🙂

    Love and hugs!

    prenin recently posted..Monday – four silent calls.My Profile

  7. nice memories, all quite faded by now, for me…(‘cept I’ve been dreaming of my first love the past couple nights – he passed 25+ years ago)…
    nice perspective from Mantra, Red!!

    BuddhaKat recently posted..First, from this Friday Fractalist…My Profile

    • Dreams are such funny things. I have been told my dreaming is very different from those other experience. Odd. Never does one know one is different until others gawk. *grins* Glad you liked this one!

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