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So, after the weekend+ of strength and weakness, fun and frivolity and outright absurdity, we have some things which are still hanging about like the sleeve out of the suitcase…

Stand up and be counted.

Keeping with the Search Themes

I wrapped up the savings poll. Some interesting numbers there:

4% of you are borrowing from savings, banks, retirement or family.
52% are just making enough to make ends meet.
13% are saving under $1,000.
Another 13% are saving between $1,000 and $4,999.
9% are saving between $5,000 and $9,999.
9% are saving over $10,000

So, I have to ask…do we go back to more practical ways of saving money as a sideline to the blog? I know we have better discussions when we do not talk money, but I see some need among those reading. Remember, these numbers are mixed between the online survey and the real life interviews I do.

The Search for M3

On this week’s SEP you got a chance to vote for which search term brings the most people to M3. By the comments the most popular search term was “naughty bedtime clipart”. Seriously, if you have not seen the list, go. Hurry. But do not have coffee in your mouth. “Finger flushing toilet” came in second.

The winner is: Slacker at work. Now, if you ever doubted SEO tactics, this one is the prime example. One stinking article written on the subject. If you did not see Monday’s announcement of where the blog stands and is headed, you cannot appreciate how idiotic this really is. *Shrugs*

Double Latte, Extra Shot with a Twist

M3 is going to rearrange the furniture soon. The Library will be opening. The M3 Coffee Shoppe has been such a success the original featured authors and musicians will be moving to leave the Coffee Shoppe just for the featured artists. Stop by and see what is new with Roger Smith, Robin Badillo and Come Back Buddy. While you are there, pull up a rocker, grab a cuppa and open a new book or simply listen to some great music.

Caring is Sharing

I want to extend a very heartfelt thank you to the many visitors who are sharing what they read at M3 with their social networks on Facebook, Twitter, Linked.In, Digg and Google+. I am a member at all of these sites and am always flattered when I see a post from M3 on your pages. If you have not networked with me in these spaces, stop by About Momma for links to find me.

Headed for a Million

If you really think about it and you have read all the posts so far, you have already read the equivalent of a novel and a half. M3 is 81,ooo+ words in on the way to 1,000,000. And no, that does not include the nearly 30,000 words in the comments. So, if you read all the comments you have read two. I want you to stick around to watch the meter fill up and inspire me to reach a million words on M3.

Nothing worse…

Than being fed something you did not order. I am asking you…

What would you like M3 to cover over the next few months? 


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  1. Red, I firmly believe that the lack of savings expressed by your pole is related to the costs of taxes. Historically since WW2 the number of necessary breadwinners in a household has gone from one to two. In the same time taxes have gone up with inflation,failure to adjust the tax rate to inflation, irresponsible spending by government.
    Where does the money come from? the citizens. We now have two breadwinners in the two parent household just to pay for increased taxes some of which are based on bracket creep. Ted

    • I know that the historic rate of taxes has, and will continue to, played a role in the amount of money families are able to save. In my series of Emergency Funds, I discuss the necessity of saving separately for taxes. This includes all taxes, including sales taxes, which are the “silent” tax most families do not account when budgeting.

  2. One of the little-explored angles that should be explored, polled and discussed is a hot button issue–whether or not there is actually an undercurrent or subliminal anger in males (collectively and individually) caused by the –at times seemingly blatant uncaring on part of the female population toward the subject of abortion.
    It contradicts the ageless concept and vision of the female as ‘mother’ or ‘nurturing’.
    This could be a very difficult discussion and could start WW3 without total honesty– ie. how do we really feel about that issue? Are “we” collectively doing the right thing? Has society carried the euphemism of “choice” too far? etc. etc..etc….. I believe there is an undercurrent of anger that should be explored in the interest of humanity itself.
    Good luck with this suggestion Red!

    • I take this suggestion under advisement. While the psychological aspect is appealing, and in keeping with the evolved theme of M3, I will certainly address “ageless concept and vision of the female as ‘mother’ or ‘nurturing’.” Red.

    • I kept reading this and thinking I wouldn’t say anything. Tried hard not to in fact, but then it hit me.

      First, who are you to speak for women and whether we care or do not care? This appears to be projection on your part.

      Second, women are so much more than ‘mother’ and / or ‘nurturing’ why is this the only box you think we belong in? How utterly misanthropic of you.

      Finally, why in the hottest pit in Hades should Red feed your need to know. If you are interested run your own poll. I suspect Red already knows the answer given there is plenty of information on this subject readily available should you be interested you can do the research yourself.

  3. Red, further to that issue I forgot to mention : whether or not it has contributed and increased violence toward women, after all, abortion is perceived as the ultimate violence against the unborn–and defenseless –so has that situation elevated disrespect for women, has it hardened the hearts of women themselves. Has it done exactly the opposite of what was intended, and turned women into “off-on” dispensable baby- making machines–instead of merely allowing “independence and rule over the female body” as is so commonly proffered as justification?
    The debate will grow, clearly. ~r

    • Actually, this debate is a non-starter. There is no empirical data to support your question or your statements. Anything which would be offered would be opinion and/or rhetoric. Red.

    • And now to this which is even worse than the first. Who perceives it as violence toward the unborn? You? Hardly counts, does this mean you are beating women in your rage they have taken their lives into their own hands?

      Your arguments are idiotic on the surface. But worse, they are the childish arguments used by the worst of the Pro-Lifers in their never ending attempts to strip women of their right to self-determination and oversight of their bodies, their health and their lives. That you would project your lack of respect for women onto society is pitiful.

      If you had even a thimble full of knowledge on human development you would know there is no ‘baby’, defenseless or otherwise, in the first 9 weeks of pregnancy only a embryo, a ball of cells barely discernible as the combined sperm and egg of two humans. The first 9 weeks is when most women decide to abort by the way.

      Were men the reliable and responsible partners after the fact they were during the act, it is likely abortions wouldn’t be the last resort of desperate women. One more little feather for you cap.

      So again, if you want to blog about this from your perspective, you should do so. Don’t ask Red to do your research or start your wars though. I suspect she knows the answer.

  4. Red, it had merely occurred to me that if a poll was done on this very debate, socially-significant empirical data may begin to emerge. Statistically, even one poll answered be ground-breaking empirical data, would it not? Opinion and rhetoric also qualifies as data, especially if “five people say no, but 95 people say yes”. I thought it might be an interesting debate regardless of outcome. Just a suggestion, have a wonderful day!

  5. You already cover just about every possible subject so what should we add to this fine array of themes? Well for once I am lost for words, and that takes some doing I can tell you 🙂

    Just keep up the most excellent progress that you have made already and your One Million will be reached in no time at all 🙂 😉

    Have a delightfully wicked
    and naughty Wednesday Red 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  6. Sorry Red – I took off. Continue as you are. You and I often are on the same paths so ping back and forth. We are sisters of different mothers. I wouldn’t change a thing but keep the train rolling as you are today.

  7. Wow, the comments were almost more interesting than the post. I have a feeling that is exactly what would happen if you did tackle this topic. Not to put you down valentine, but calling people or their ideas names makes them turn you off rather than listen to you. I know you were venting, but .. anyway, that’s always my take on debates – keep it on the subject, not personalities. More on topic: I wish I had some savings, but I don’t:(

  8. Great job, Red. I just wonder what the percentage is of people that are falling through the cracks? There are only so many jobs to go around, not enough for all of the unemployed people out there. Sure, there are people who would rather not work, and those who take advantage of social assistance, but what percentage of people either don’t earn enough to so much as pay their rent and bills, or earn nothing at all.

    I entered the names of 5 of my blogs in search engines (Google and Bing.ca) and they all came up in the top spot.

    Question – where do you get the information about the search terms that lead people to your blog?

    As always, enjoyed your post today! Always something to look forward to in the mornings, like a cup of ice cold milk (don’t drink coffee) or the first cast of the baited hook into the waters of writing a new blog.

    • Thank you, Marc. The search terms are easy enough, as they are reported in the dashboard in various time frames. Names are SEO deceptive, but that would take an entire post to explain.

      As to the people in the poll, there are quite a few whose numbers are in the mix I came to learn were unemployed or retired or underemployed. They were the ones who answered barely making or borrowing. Red.


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