Ode to Hateful Vocabulary

Merriam Webster LogoAround M3, you will test the boundaries of your vocabulary. Most words are placed in context so you may determine their definition merely by reading the ones which surround them in association with the title or the theme for the section. On other occasions, the words with not-so-obvious meanings have been highlighted with a link to their definitions. Today, we are testing the boundaries of vocabulary.

Long ago, M3 established Merriam Webster as the go-to authority for defining the vocabulary which haunts these posts. Today is no different. The link to Merriam Webster will open in another tab. Feel free to double click on words to highlight them. You can right-click to copy or use the CTRL-C method. Paste them into the search box and press enter for the instantaneous delivery of the meaning.


The primary definition of hateful is “malicious”, which means having or showing a desire to cause harm to someone: given to, marked by, or arising from malice. All sounds quite onerous, no?

The Ode to Hateful Vocabulary is a stream of consciousness poem which was Mantra venting some rightfully malicious thoughts. As has been an undercurrent in the last week, even those things which seem malicious on the surface have a redeeming quality which sees through the absurd, the dispassionate and even the shamelessly spiteful. In short, the comparison of good versus evil is the theme which highlights the power of inspiration in the face of adversity.

Rather than focusing on the object of the hateful tide, read about the way to triumph in the face of those whose (incompetence, disillusion, delusion) prevent them from seeing beyond the moment and keep them (projecting, repeating, reinventing) it far into the future.

If you are acrophobic, please forgive the allusion to rappelling, which is the actual name of this particular poem. We take this plunge with nothing more than the rope. Whatever harness and gear you may envision is your own consciousness supplying safeguards. Feel free to let them go. The journey is one of victory. Your safe passage to the ground is absolute.

For you see, the same power which supplied the safety equipment is testament to the wiles necessary to navigate safe passage.

You will be fine.


Despite the complications of Mundania
and the ignorance of its inhabitants,
I find in each new dawn inspiration to
seek more knowledge, get out and take a chance.

Walk out to the precipice’s edge and breathe in
the sweet perfume of adventure and danger.
Fear flees in the confident presence of practicality,
treading headlong at a stranger.

Wisdom speaks, sharing the physics of surefootedness
awash in the innocuous consequences
to befall each footstep along the trail’s lonesome
pathway… nothing left to happenstance.

Both hands wrap around the hanging rope ready
to swing o’er the ledge toward the ubiquitous air.
In free fall is freedom from the inanity,
the sloven complacency, the unrequited care.

Sliding along its length brings unabashed euphoria
the likes of which remain incomparable
to the hackneyed elation of those whose
imaginations abandon, left incapable

Of grasping the unadulterated pleasure,
at the end of the cord, dangling.
Far too busy publicly showing frustration
in their futile attempts untangling.

The self-proclaimed disasters whose only
validity exists in frantic “what if”s,
but reality proves are only the desolation
of choosing to abandon one’s innate gifts.


What does it take to let go of the handrail and swing out onto the rope? How freeing is it to not be mired in the “emergencies” created by other people?


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  1. This is a test Red. Fingers crossed.


    • Red

       /  March 20, 2012

      I hope you used the last button….If it works, I will be ecstatic! I am trying to find the code for the other one to remove it.

  2. I think hateful & I immediately think Brussel Sprouts…
    Malicious little rotters!!!
    Tony McGurk recently posted..Dave’s Dilemma #23 – Remembering StuffMy Profile

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