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Ode to Hateful Vocabulary

Around M3, you will test the boundaries of your vocabulary. Most words are placed in context so you may determine their definition merely by reading the ones which surround them in association with the title or the theme for the section. On other occasions, the words with not-so-obvious meanings have been highlighted with a link to […]

Strength & Weakness: Balance

Over the last week, we have explored the innate and learned behavior which defines and exhibits strength and weakness. To conclude this series, let’s explore how to strike a healthy balance of the two. As the title suggests, balancing strengths and weaknesses is the key for both the individual and the couple. Will ~ Introspection […]

Strength & Weakness: Nurture

Yesterday, we established self-sacrifice as a strength, but identified the same characteristic as a weakness. Natural self-sacrifice is truly a strength which furthers humanity. Self-sacrifice as a weakness is not an instinct, but instead, is learned behavior. Out of the Bubble Outside the vacuum we are exposed to societal expectations and contemporary norms. Over time both change, […]

Strength & Weakness: Nature

Our discussions of the strengths and weaknesses of men and women led to the question of how much of what we perceive as strength and weakness is a product of societal norms and what was genetically inherent to the sexes. We are all human. When polled, the audience (and my research subjects and the doctors […]

Strength & Weakness: Theirs

Now, we have looked at strength and weakness in both men and women. How do strength and weakness affect relationships? Through the Looking Glass Couples are perceived by their friends and family. These people form and perpetuate opinions of the couple based on the strengths and weaknesses they perceive. Ofttimes, perception is not reality. Strong […]