Saving Money in Your Sink

Saving water saves money.  Try some of these tricks to save on your water bill and keep the Earth blue!

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  • Fill your sink half full with water in the morning.  Use it to rinse dishes before you fill your dishwasher. Use the water at the end of the day to wash the sink.
  • Run the dishwasher only when it is completely full.
  • Wash fruits and veggies in a bowl of water instead of under running water. Pour the water on plants in the yard or on your compost pile.
  • Catch buckets of rain water to use outside:
  1. To water plants.
  2. To wash tools.
  3. To wash cars.
  4. To wash walkways and driveways.
  5. To water lawns.
  • When changing aquarium water, use the dirty water to water plants. They thrive on the waste in the water. It is free, natural fertilizer.
  • Place a pitcher of water into the refrigerator.  This will save more than 300 gallons per year waiting for the water to get cool to drink.
  • Use ice trays instead of a freezer door ice maker.  The machines waste up to 15% of the water they take from the tap.
  • Stop using the garbage disposal.  Composting vegetables and disposing of animal products properly can save more than 500 gallons of water.
  • Install an instant water heater in the kitchen and bathroom.  You can save more than 2,000 gallons of water waiting for water to heat for dishes, shaving and showers.

Do the Math

While you may not think this sounds like a lot of savings, if you can trim your water bill by $15 per month, your savings will look like this:

One year:      $180

Five years:    $900

Ten years:    $1,800

Families can save even more when all members are doing their share.  Teach your children to save water, not only for what it will do for you wallet, but also what it will do for their planet.

How are you saving money and water?


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