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There is not much to report in the way of M3 News this week, but there is quite a bit Clyde has to say. This week, my Wednesday idea was not derailed. Grab a cuppa and settle into a rocker. We will only be a few moments.


M3 is gearing up for a special week next week. It will be the first time guests will post. To date, yours truly has put every word on this blog. I have the posts of my own which will grace the pages scheduled, but the ones in between are going to be compliments of those who responded to last week’s SEP.

If you would like to join the group, there is still time! I have two spots which have not been filled. If at all possible, I would love to have someone claim the two of them as well. It would give me a full week (shy Friday Follies) to work on my off site projects.

What do you mean?

Only this week has it occurred to me there are members of the M3 Readers who have no idea I own a life outside M3. In fact, the largest portions of my existence are not contained in the nearly half-million words here. They hardly scratch the surface.

I have one book I must complete, a second I would like to complete and two which I must edit. No, none of these manuscripts are written by anyone else. Yes, I write that much.

In other news, I have some manuscripts which have been sent to me to edit. If yours is one of them, I am reading…I promise. I do that between writing scenes and editing my own.


Friday morning I posted an awards show. Those of you who have been around for a while know, I routinely take time out to promote other blogs. Those of you who have been around at least a week know, I promote a new author each week. I have just finalized June’s schedule, but still am in need of a couple authors for July and three for August. Who do you know with a book?

Please take advantage of the 5,000 page. You are more than welcome to leave a link to your latest blog post. Even if you do not use Facebook to market your blog…I will. I share your posts with the many who network with me there.

Green Room

When I return from my blogging hiatus, I will be adding new blogs to the Alumni Club. I cannot do that without your assistance. Here is what I need.

1. If you have not left a link to your blog in the Green Room, please do so right now.

2. If (or once) your blog is listed in the Green Room, please give a thumbs up to the blogs you enjoy. Comments on their entries are encouraged as well. It takes five thumbs up to get from the Green Room to the Alumni Club.

Thank you for your constant support of the Green Room and the networking you do by sharing the page to your social media.


I have not posted poll results for the last three polls. One was just for my reference, so you will see the results over the next few weeks. The other two, as always, gave me a case of the giggles or guffaws.

Search Terms: Yes, the M3 Readers were determined the number one search term on the weird-o-meter poll was Momms russian mature porn. Contrary to all posts claiming otherwise, M3 is not, I repeat not, a porn site. However, porn is one of the search terms used with striking regularity to get here.

You were wrong. The number one search term on the weird-o-meter got a surprising NO votes, even though I did give you a hint in a Friday Follies post. The number one term? Porn SI. When someone can explain to me what it means, I would be eternally grateful. Many thanks to those of you who let me know Jiggety Sigh  was a band. Apparently, I need to get out more.

Sex: This poll was born (like so many other topics on M3) from a conversation following a post. The other answers were priceless.

While you were split between married people and married people who have sex with unmarried people, you were certain unmarried people were not having the most sex. Alternatively, the following people are definitely having the most sex:

  • People who don’t hate mail. (Priceless!)
  • those that actually enjoy sex no matter their age
  • 40 – 50 yo married unmarried..oh not married to each other.. sometimes
  • Living People (#1 answer)

Glad you had fun with that one!

Right turn, Clyde.

Right Turn, Clyde!

Now, you are probably thinking it took forever to get this far…Well, so there was more news than I thought. That does not mean it is going to take much longer to get to the comments.

I want to know something really, really simple. Okay, so maybe it is not as simple as I think. Turns out the following instructions mean different things to different people. Your comment can be as long as necessary to explain to me what this statement means to you:

Leave me alone.

As always, I am asking for a reason which will feature in an upcoming series. Truly tell me what it means to you. If you find the command to be ambiguous, please tell me how to make it more concise, understandable and universal.

Until next time,

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I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Thank you for joining me for this week’s Saturday Evening Post.

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  1. Bear

     /  June 17, 2012

    Why yes, you should.

  2. Do you mean that wasn’t a rhetorical question?

    Take a number …… 19999999999

    Now serving 2

    Sure you want to wait that long?
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Careers are made to be brokenMy Profile

  3. honestly, Red, I have wondered just how many Reds there are in order for the public “Red” to be so prolific and full of energy and compassion. You have the drive of a big big muscle car, methinks!!

    as to “Leave me alone”, I hear/mean “scat, begone, you have already caused enough trouble, so get thee gone, out of my face, or I may have to produce the mace.” beware, though, if I include one of these lovelies: ‽ ‽ ‽

    best to you on your busy busy busy times…

    BuddhaKat recently posted..what is truth, or I can’t believe I’m writing this post!!!My Profile

    • Probably has something to do with driving a ‘Vette, a Charger and a ‘Stang before I was 18. *grins* Police interceptors rock.

  4. I had to laugh at your question, merely because ‘leave me alone!’ (well, weeve me awone) is my 2 yo granddaughter’s favorite phrase right now. She means get out of my way, stop telling me no, or quit bugging me Bubby! I strongly suspect it has yhe same meanings to others as well. Leave me alone: Go away!; Stop bothering me!; Get out of my face!; Get a life and get out of mine!. Yep, that about covers it, unless of course, you want to talk about women who say this when they really mean – figure out what I want…….Angie
    Angela Young recently posted..Me? A Minister?My Profile

    • No, I am definitely going for the non-cryptic meaning. I like you granddaughter’s version, too…

  5. Yes a very good posting this one Red, and as for the ‘Leave Me Alone’ question, well i guess it just means ‘Bugger Off Matey’ or something similar 🙂

    Hey I have not heard of your new ‘Alumni Club’ so that just goes to show how many blogs I am missing, which isn’t very good is it? 🙁 Though I will popm into the Green room to see if anyone has dared to put the thumbs up on my Space, well someone might have and as it is the only way of getting a membership at the ‘ Alumni Club’ I hope that some daringly bold user of your Space has clicked on it 🙂

    Have a very nice rest of evening and don’t be up all night with all that editing either, I mean there are much better things for you to be getting up to, I mean getting on with 😉 lol

    Be Good Now Okay? 😉

    Androgoth XXx

  6. Leave me alone means: disappear. NOW! OR, it might mean don’t badger me. Hmm. now I’m scratching my head.

    That’s my take.

    Where do you get your energy. I get out of breath simply adding up all you’re doing.
    Tess Kann recently posted..Father’s Day Appreciation DayMy Profile

    • Hope you get by the SEP this week. I spell out precisely what I mean by Leave me alone. LOL! I sleep in cat naps 😉

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