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Today has been a roller coaster of epic proportions. I will not make you woozy with images like the ones in Fasten Your Seat Belts. Honestly, though, perhaps roller coaster is the wrong image entirely. There truly have not been many lows, but I am hard pressed to conjure an image of merely up…

100 Email Followers


I am still astounded how many of you kept coming by for the installments to the story and the assorted and sundry posts in between them. You really are the reason I write… so… much. But back to today… M3 got its 100th email follower! This is a complete WOW! moment. M3 has not even been around for 100 days.

Exchange rate, anyone?

Now, to be fair, there have to be at least that many people who are not willing to give WordPress their email addresses. Otherwise, there would be no explanation for the 20,000 hits M3 broke yesterday. I went to check the blog goals for this year and am content M3 will surpass the 150,000-hit non-resolution for 2012. Anyone want to have a Christmas-in-July changing of met goals?


Zip. Zilch. Nada. Rien.

So, maybe there was one down to discuss… hatemail. For the first time in I cannot remember how long, I got zero hatemails. Now, I could delude myself into believing I did not say something offensive, but the thought is inconceivable even if I can type it. Some of my comments on other blogs are certainly offensive. Tehe. Good thing the hatemailers do not follow me to everyone else’s blogs. I will just chalk up this down as an up.

She is tired.

A Full Tank

After nearly 2,000 miles, I am glad to not remember how many hours and three fuel stops later, I am happy to report my tank is full. No, not the gas tank in the truck. My idea tank. There are the obvious ideas of destinations, travel adventures and vehicle care…but those just smack of the common sense things I fill between the posts I find fascinating. Sometimes, I choose these subjects to decompress my brain from the very human topics we discuss.

The less obvious ideas are the ones of human history and interaction I encounter on the road. The veiled intolerance, and the reasons for it. The quiet magnitude of history. The profound impressions our memories make on our perspective. The incessant song of Mantra. The intimacy between those we take with us and how it differs from the time we spend in our natural habitat. Yes, my wellspring is everywhere.

And it is even here. Do not think I have to go away to find inspiration. While I tend to turn over the rocks no matter where I may be, I was completely blown away by some of the ideas you provided in the comments while I was flipping rocks over in four states. I absolutely love the way your mind works.

I have missed you.

I had an absolutely wonderful vacation with and without my children. It was relaxing, entertaining and rejuvenating. Being the loquacious, social butterfly I am, I have missed the chatter we have about the myriad topics on M3. So, I have gobs of questions for you.

Below is my own twisted version of 20 Questions. If it is a yes/no question, just answer yes or no. Except for #12… I want the why. Pick as many as you like, or none. Even if you just want to stick out your tongue, click something to let me know you were here. (And preferably not the one-star button.)

  1. What should the name of the story be?
  2. Do I need to make a place where all the links to it are together and in order?
  3. Where do you find inspiration?
  4. What do you collect?
  5. Have you taken a moment to vote on the poll?
  6. Did I miss an obvious choice?
  7. What historical event changed you most (but not how/why…yet)?
  8. Have you ever met someone on vacation who influenced you long after it was over?
  9. Is there entirely too much poetry on M3 now?
  10. Are you ready for more series and less fluff?
  11. What have you learned this week (anywhere, not just M3)?
  12. What (drink, amusement park ride, gadget) would you first associate with M3?
  13. Is your blog listed in the Green Room?
  14. What is your favorite blog from the Green Room?
  15. When was the last time you sat and emptied your mind?
  16. What was the next thing you thought?
  17. If M3 was a television pilot, would broadcast or cable or no one pick it up?
  18. What would be a good theme song for M3?
  19. Why is your dream vacation located there?
  20. What did you learn about yourself on your last holiday?

And before I hear any flim-flam about the last question and the vacation questions, consider a day off a holiday. Want to have some fun? Forward this post to someone you would like to see their answers!

Yes, I had fun with the questions. I cannot wait to see the answers.

Another week in the kitty,

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  1. 2. — in order? What’s that?
    3.Where do you find inspiration? — everywhere! Grandchildren, SS class, my readers and so many more places.
    4.What do you collect? blogs? I have an angel collection (name Angela …) but I don’t collect them any more unless they are very special since they have a tendency to multiply at night and take over my home.
    5.Have you taken a moment to vote on the poll?– for some reason, my eyes never go there and I usually miss them.
    8.Have you ever met someone on vacation who influenced you long after it was over? — not really, but I have run into people I knew from home unexpectedly far away from home.
    9.Is there entirely too much poetry on M3 now? No
    10.Are you ready for more series and less fluff? Give us what ya got. How about a fluffy series?
    11.What have you learned this week (anywhere, not just M3)? I learned that my granddaughter (youngest of 4) does not know how to play alone, so Grandma is constantly on call!
    13.Is your blog listed in the Green Room? yuppers and I go there regularly to check out others offerings.
    14.What is your favorite blog from the Green Room? Steam coming from my brain – cogs sticking together – I think I’ll leave this one for a while.
    15.When was the last time you sat and emptied your mind? I’m not sure that has ever happened.
    19.Why is your dream vacation located there? — my dream vacation is anywhere at all as long as I have family or friends with me.
    20.What did you learn about yourself on your last holiday? I am not very good at turning over the reins to others!

    Great post – glad you’re back and glad you had a good time:)

    • Shame on you!! (#15) You really need to try it. After the clarity, some of the most amazing ideas and epiphanies happen! Such wonderful answers 🙂 Thank you, Angie!

  2. 4 – how could I forget — BOOKS!

  1. How Many? | Momma's Money Matters

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