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iced coffeeIt is hotter than Hades in Texas this week, although not as hot as it is in other venues. Grab a cuppa of something sweet and cool. Let’s talk.

Looks like the orang is not going to stand for my palaver.

Right Turn, Clyde!

In terms of higher intellect functioning, complex problem-solving and the ability to gauge the renormalization of the eight states of gluons of quantum chromodynamics, one may well consider homo sapiens sapiens a viable species. Clyde thinks this is claptrap. Only a species who has not mastered reproduction would care what color the energy between quarks is. Ahem.

Cricket Chirping

Why do I hear crickets chirping?



At a chemical level, all mammals know when the opposite gender of their species is fertile and physically able to conceive. Let’s not discriminate based on having a spine. Members of Chordata, Cnidaria, Arthropoda, Mollusca and Echinodermata all have this ability. Reproduction can be proved through the millennia. Unsuccessful reproduction leads to extinction, also evidenced through the millennia, even if you thought Darwin was a crackpot.

The planet has ways of dealing with overpopulation of one species or another, the primary of which is weather. No one is suggesting the planet is cognizant of or consciously controlling the weather. The point at hand is a forest fire destroying huge swaths of habitat is an effective way to wipe out large populations of species. Unless they are humans.

Humans prohibit such renewal, meddle in the extinction pattern which inevitably leads to better adapted animals which are likely to survive the next event and expedite the extinction of species on the sole basis the view from their purloined habitat is superior to the one offered in a population center.

No PETA, Tree-hugging or Whale-saving

No, this post is about animal rights, environmental protection or oceanic preservation. Those posts may be found at the provided links. This post is about the way we communicate, educate and procreate, or fail respectively.

Psychological Warfare

scaleHumans like to believe we have taken reproduction to a new level by legislating maturity, to be precise the age at which one can consent knowingly to the consequences of unprotected sex (as nature intended).

No other species considers the mental preparedness of reproduction. Ironically, in preparation for such time as mental readiness is mandated, we make a wildly varying array of ways to explain sex, a simple biological function, to those we deem unready, despite their bodies’ proclamation otherwise.

Why do we choose from the plethora of misinformation to inundate the unknowing? Do we believe if we lie they will choose to forgo sex? Are we hastening our own extinction? Do we believe if we assign enough shame we can quell the innate desire to procreate? Or are we so disillusioned with the state of our sex lives we envy the young with their lack of bad choices and regrets?

There is a word for what we do to our young: Sabotage.

the act of destroying or damaging something deliberately so that it does not work correctly”

(Definition compliments of Merriam-Webster.)

We are deliberately destroying the natural progression of procreation in our children.


redhead demon demoness evil woman

We have assigned morality to acts which in and of themselves bear no moral declaration. Sex is not good or evil. It is not immoral, merely amoral. We have not legislated anyone’s ability to engage in sexual behavior. We have merely decided the age at which we believe it immoral.

Or have we?

Two generations ago, women were finished bearing children by the time we now consider people mature enough to have sex even without pregnancy. In this generation, we deem having children in our forties (and after) perfectly plausible; yet, to achieve this we chemically induce fertility because the biological window of opportunity is nearly or completely shut.

To put this in perspective: We have made it illegal to do when our bodies are able and legal to do when our bodies are no longer able. Hmm. And we are planning to thwart extinction with this plan.

Social Animals?

Right turn, Clyde.

Right turn, Clyde.

In truth, we have decided we are social animals only when being social does not impinge our desires and pursuit of happiness. Rather than band together as a tribe to teach the young how to parent, we legislate, condemn and stigmatize sex, pregnancy and child-rearing.  Instead of teaching parenting by example, we pawn the activity off on others willing to be paid to watch our children and complain when our children do not act as we desire. In our fury, we fail to notice we gave the caregiver no instruction as to what we expected our children be taught. On which leg are we standing to protest the uprising of stupidity in subsequent generations when we make absolutely no effort to dredge the gene pool nor throw an information-laden life preserver to the ignorant? Do we believe the information will be properly imparted without intervention when the magical date arrives?

When our teenagers are having children, we still make no effort to teach them to parent. We take the infant children away and do it ourselves. How precisely is the teenager going to learn when we push it promptly out of the nest to enjoy what remains of its childhood? What morality are we teaching when the teenager is below our pious legislative age and its partner is well above? We have no compunction breaking the law when it is our children and the audacity to condemn other parents in the self-same position.

Truly, it is enough to make an ape wonder.

Until the next time the ape takes the reins, I am quietly,

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  1. It’s the do as I say not as I do mentality. I’m not raising the grandkids, the point is they are returnable. I look forward to that day.

    • I think it goes beyond that. In the instant, the judgment is the second generation is unable to complete the task of raising the third generation. The fact the first generation failed to raise the second generation, yet feels the sole qualification to raise the third generation is vile.

  2. Profoundly simple, yet horribly complex. Tribal knowledge lost in our effort to chase nightmares.


  3. For everyone/everything else on the planet, it wouldn’t be a disaster if the human race went extinct.

    • You are correct. We are by far the most destructive species on the planet, for all other species, not just our “prey”.

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     /  July 3, 2016


  5. As usual, due to your unique world-view, you hit this nail squarely on the head, thus summarizing part of the process I’ve observed over the years, which ultimately prompted me to rename our species. Since we do NOT fit the description of Homo Sapiens, I believe the term Homo Suicidus is much more accurate.

    We humans have denied our very nature for so long, we, as a society, haven’t a clue how to find it again. Aside from individuals, such as you, and, I would hope, me, and a few others, nobody even knows why they do things they do, other than because that’s “how it’s always been done.”


    Oh, well. It was nice while it lasted….

    gigoid, the dubious

    • Each time I read the things I have written like this over the last ten years, I realize Copernicus and I could have been fast friends or lovers.

  1. I know why. | The M3 Blog

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