Stirred, Never Shaken

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Why is stir-fried food healthier than other cooking options?”

It is all in the “not”s.

Stir-fried food is healthier not only for the fresh ingredients in the recipe but also for the things it is not. There is a positive side to the negatives.

Stir frying (爆 bào) in the wok

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~ Not overcooked

Stir-frying is a very quick way to cook. Since nutrients are lost through the cooking process, quick cooking preserves the most vitamins and minerals. More nutrients is always healthier.

~ Not boiled

Stir-frying requires no pre-cooking. Boiling reduces nutrients by at least 50%. Double cooking (parboiling, then baking, grilling, roasting or frying) increases the exposure to fat, on top of reducing nutrients. More Nutrients + Less Fat = Healthier.

~ Not over-exposed to fats

Stir-frying require little or no fat. Lower fat is always healthier. Traditional stir-fry uses peanut, safflower or soybean oil. All three are healthier than their fat-laden, high calorie animal equivalents.

~ Not sugary white

Typical stir-fry glazes use fruit juices (lemon, pineapple and orange) and brown sugar for sweetness. The natural choice of juice is the healthiest. Brown sugar is healthier than white sugar, every day.

~ Not over-salted

Stir-fry is made with pungent spices, like garlic and ginger: Both are heart healthy. Adding onions, chives or shallots, red pepper flakes and/or vinegar eliminates the need for salt. Less salt is always healthier.

Stir Fried Beef

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~ Not a by-product

Stir-fry’s star ingredients are vegetables. Nature’s fruit is healthiest by far. Stir-fried meats are lean cuts. Vegetarians often substitute tofu in place of the meats, lowering the fat even more. Less Fat = Healthier.

Showcase some great veggies without loading them with salt and fat. Toss in some pungent spices for flavor. Reap the benefits of a lot of “not”s.


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What is your favorite type of stir-fry?


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  1. Annmarie, you are right on with this post about Stir Frying. As a reformed lifetime over eater of fatty foods, I can testify to the benefits of lightly oiled (olive or canola) stir frying. Also, as a vegetarian, the vitamin laden and lower caloric value of stir fry vegetables with a fruit based sauce has become a staple of my diet. I have booked marked your blog for future reference. Thanks for what you do!!!

    • Great to see you, David! I am glad to hear the voice of experience. I turned away from fatty food due to a digestive disorder. Being healthier in other arenas is just lagniappe in my book! Do stop by any time, Red.

  2. I agree with you on this one Red, stir fried is a very quick and nourishing way of cooking, and I could just eat some of it right now, perhaps with some chicken or… Well I like lots of different foodstuffs so anything would be nice for me, I don’t mind trying this, that or the other you know as long as it tastes good 🙂 Yes I am still talking about the stir frying 🙂 lol

    Right I will just return to my Space and see what is going on there, if anything? Then later on I will call again and read part two of your holiday tips 🙂

    Have a lovely afternoon and evening Red 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • And as a roaring Friday would have it, I have yet to find the time to respond to your last comment, which I found immensely amusing. I, too, have a very varied palate. As I write, I am preparing the late evening meal.Let me off, lest I burn my sustenance. I shall pass through your realm anon.

      Have a wicked night,

  3. James Parsons

     /  November 18, 2011

    I enjoy stir-fry because it leave your veggies crunchier, and the meat if added a lot more tender. Mixed with the spices an added bonus.


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