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More Green in the Kitchen

One of the quickest ways to save money is to cook at home. Before we embark on a complete series of cooking and saving, let’s look at a few pieces of equipment and some tricks which will keep the money in your wallet.

More Kitchen Nightmares

“Oh, doesn’t it smell wonderful?” “It looks delicious!” Then, you stick the spoon in and taste. You wonder what vile thing crawled into the pot and died. There is too much of something.

Kitchen Nightmares

Why is it the only time you cook a complete abomination is when you have dinner guests arriving in 22 minutes? Because when we rush we make mistakes. Sometimes it is the difference between a soup which looks like cabbage water and a stew. Other times, it is the layer of fat on the top […]

It’s Not All Raw

When you mention sushi, 60% of your friends will grimace and make some snide comment about eating bait. The other 40% probably know the definitions of two or three dozen Japanese words. You got it. The bluish, greenish, blackish, papery strip which holds the roll together is seaweed. And it is good for you. It […]

Don’t Put That In Your Mouth

If you knew what was in it, you would not put it in your mouth.” ~Neida Graham Fact of the matter is, we do, and we eat it anyway! Want to make a healthy choice rather than a cholesterol- and calorie-laden one? I have ways of making you… My late husband, professed pasta and meat […]