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Do Not Buy That

It is the time of year when gasoline prices go up, compliments of travel. Funny how we say that, even though they never go back down. Oh, wait, that is another post. Are you looking for a few ways to cut your budget? If you can stand to keep a few bills in your wallet, […]

I’ll have Death with that, on the side.

Can you name an industry which went from $6 billion to more than $120 billion in less than 40 years? How about one whose primary advertising target is children who will grow up to be parents whose children will also be consumers?

You can be saucy…for cheap.

Condiments can be expensive when you are looking to add more than the staples-mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard-to your food. Popular sauces are the worst.  You can make them at home with far fewer ingredients than you may imagine…for far cheaper.

Kitchen Nightmares

Why is it the only time you cook a complete abomination is when you have dinner guests arriving in 22 minutes? Because when we rush we make mistakes. Sometimes it is the difference between a soup which looks like cabbage water and a stew. Other times, it is the layer of fat on the top […]

Don’t Put That In Your Mouth

If you knew what was in it, you would not put it in your mouth.” ~Neida Graham Fact of the matter is, we do, and we eat it anyway! Want to make a healthy choice rather than a cholesterol- and calorie-laden one? I have ways of making you… My late husband, professed pasta and meat […]