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Ask the right question

troll under a bridge

Right Turn, Clyde! Clyde can even say the motto heard most often in Maison de Dwyer: Specificity is the rule. You may even recall it is the only real rule here. If you were not here seven years ago, the rule has not changed: Specificity is the rule.

I am listening.

Yesterday, we talked about body language which screamed, “I am not listening.” So, what body language does the listener employ? Good Eye Contact Even if your audience is not looking directly into your eyes, it should be watching your face or hands (if you are gesturing). Eye contact translates to “seeing eye-to-eye”. Faced Forward When […]

Read My Body

Communication is far more than the words coming from your mouth or fingertips. Body language is not always a subtle science either. Your body screams your mood, even when your mouth is completely still. Do you know how to read your audience to see if they are listening… or want to listen?