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Here’s the Skinny…


I write those words at least three times per week. It is where I have failed at getting through to my audience with the expanded version and give in to the abbreviated, bullet list which surpasses the attention span of most everyone I encounter.

I am listening.

Yesterday, we talked about body language which screamed, “I am not listening.” So, what body language does the listener employ? Good Eye Contact Even if your audience is not looking directly into your eyes, it should be watching your face or hands (if you are gesturing). Eye contact translates to “seeing eye-to-eye”. Faced Forward When […]

What You Heard Was Not What I Meant

pierced ear

Specificity is the rule.” -Author unknown, but whose hand I would love to shake. Common misunderstandings come from saying one thing, but meaning something totally different from what the other person understood. Humans have some annoying, correctable idiosyncrasies which prevent them from communicating with others. Average person will listen to four words before formulating a […]