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Ask the right question

troll under a bridge

Right Turn, Clyde! Clyde can even say the motto heard most often in Maison de Dwyer: Specificity is the rule. You may even recall it is the only real rule here. If you were not here seven years ago, the rule has not changed: Specificity is the rule.

Clyde on Sabotage

Orangutans are a lot like humans when it comes to predators: They have nearly nothing to fear. Although others may be stronger or faster, they possess faculties to escape becoming prey. Us? Not so much.

Clyde on Grammar

Grammar Nazi

His skepticism is due in large part by the systematic assassination of the languages humans use to communicate. Social media, blogging and text messaging have been hung with the largest portion of the blame for horrific grammar. Clyde thinks the blame is misplaced.

Saturday Evening Post

red heart fly fractal art

I have missed you! We are keeping the (non-existent) news to a minimum because this itchy ape is at it again. Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. There is a chifferobe full of snuggly blankets. It is nippy.

Clyde on Email

Magnifying Glass Clipart

If you have not seen the “We Have You Surrounded” box in the right sidebar, you probably do not know there are about 500 people who subscribe to email from The M3 Blog. Sadly, less than 2% of those people get it.