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Guilt by Participation

Hindsight is 20 20

One considers being guilty of something meaning participating in whatever the offense may be. Occasionally, participating means something different.

WTF? OR Why my exes still call

Army of One

When the CrackBerry rings, there is always the chance the person at the other end is someone who I dated at one point or the other. I am told this is odd. In the age of cataclysmic breakups, I am an army of one. I am, however, on a mission to convert as many people as […]

Fuck the Dumb Shit

RWB Fireworks

You are welcome to not come see this post, unless you are prepared for some drama-stopping reality. No, expletives will not be deleted. Let’s get up close and personal. Fix a big cuppa with a shot of whatever is strongest.


We have discussed many of the factors and scenarios which lead couples to divorce court. Before we head into the next series, I want to know what your opinion is. You have provided many ways where problems become abuse. You have also provided many solutions to circumvent divorce through self-realization and situation assessment.

Get Over Yourself

The final three reasons for divorce from our list are ones which are perspective and opinion. They are not the ingrained beliefs which help us define who we are, but the matters of preference, comfort and choice which can seriously handicap or cripple a marriage. To quote a dear friend: Just like belly buttons…everyone has […]