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Clyde Says Try Dammit

This post has been edited a number of times to remove Clyde’s expletives. This is the best it is going to get.

Stereotypical Palaver

Brass Bell

Over the past few weeks, information has been swirling around and hitting at strange angles. Seems stereotypes are all the buzz. More like buzzkill, to be honest.

Day 30: All Atwitter

I get excited almost as often as I get defeated. That I even have a post for today is celebration.

Saturday Evening Post

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What an exciting, emotional and busy week! Clyde has a thing or two to say. This sun has shined all day. Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. Let’s talk.

The No-Brainer

This week’s SEP put us back on our trek through the lives of Mate and Quaint. (If you have not been introduced, stop by their page to see about whom we are speaking.) One of the issues which came up in our discussion, and was evidenced by the poll in the post, was the basic […]