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What an exciting, emotional and busy week! Clyde has a thing or two to say. This sun has shined all day. Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. Let’s talk.


Mantra's Book of ShadowsMBS has managed two five-star reviews this week! I am pleased readers are enjoying the new fare. I am offering one free download of each of my books to the first person willing to give a review. Click the Ask Momma tab and let me know if you are up for a review of a good book. I have several.


Wow! The flashes are rolling in! If you have not been by recently, stop by the FTP page to find out who has joined the fun. Are you one of them? I am going to do a special on M3 and on RP of the fun of flash. If you are already in, be prepared to hear from me soon.

M3 Rundown

Many thanks for everyone who stopped by M3 and Ferree’s blog for the Widowed Blog Hop. Ferree and I had a great time. Your comments on my post here were really touching.

Thank you for the spirited conversation about sex, nutrition and the institutional proposal for having an entitlement program. We still need to work the kinks out of the idea, but it is coming along dreamily. All puns intended.

W(a)W was the naming game. If you did not cheat, my answers are:

  1. Daisy Chain
  2. Quilting Badge
  3. I has fans.
  4. Whosophone
  5. Lava Shells

So, where was my mind? A 1960s Girl Scout with a dream in her head of “I. R. Baboon” playing the latest instrument from Whoville while collecting volcanic mollusk shells. Should you be worried I do not drink?

Ahem, meanwhile, back at the ranch. Have you seen the new ad?

left green arrow

The Kay Marie Sisto Memorial Walk/Run/Roll is a wonderful cause. If you are not a reader of My Inner Chick, stop by and see why this cause is one I am behind.


We all know the impish fairy goes and invades others when I am busy or ignoring her. She has taken up residence at Artsy Brain Fartsies. What do you mean you have no idea why I am rattling on? Just click the link. Wait until you see her new look. I swear, she has more looks than a Paris runway.


I am back. Wait, you have not seen this draft, so have no idea I have been gone for the last four hours. Hmm. So, it is not really a surprise yet. Crud.

Clyde just went for a powder because a very large portion of the real world just shifted and threw him completely off balance. Keep good thoughts supporting everything staying in line. My stars seem to be aligned just so. Pray it is not an optical illusion.

Until next time,

Red Signature

I hope you have had a terrific week.

What was your favorite post this week? Do you want to review one of my books? Will you send me a good vibe this pans out the way I want it? Will someone spatula me off the ceiling if it does?

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  1. And the Big Green Arrow points directly at….

    Red on Sex.

    I will leave before imposing any puns…

    MJ Logan recently posted..Growing Like a WeedMy Profile

    • Bwahahaha! When I got here, it was pointing at Colleen on Sex. *giggles*

      Glad to see you tonight… And I happen to love the puns. We made quite a few 😉
      Red recently posted..SexMy Profile

  2. What a breezing post (well, with that weazel cartoon music ‘n all) – and congrats! Leaps & bounds, Red. My gosh, do you not sleep? I can’t believe you wrote that ‘down’ post a few weeks back – ‘it is cold. & so is my spirit’… You are so full of forward movement, you’re awesome.
    Noeleen recently posted..My closer folk who know I was born on 3 March, know Mum suicided on 5 March.My Profile

  3. Sending nothing but good vibes, and I hope the success blows right past your wildest dreams.
    El Guapo recently posted..Friday Foolishness – Al Dente EditionMy Profile

  4. bwahahahahahaha…snicker..snort…hahahaha an entitlement program …. yea .. lol
    My favorite post…hmmmmm geee well darn that is such a tough one.. They were all good and fun..loved the caption contest i didn’t enter (ok see , I did but i was thinking what does she mean cheat? I figured it out and thought id better just jot them down) ..It’s the little things brought me to tears.. lets see then there was.. oh! yea I know I LOVED that one where you went to that naked chick …the scissor one and her cat and she painted you portrait??? Yea that was soooo coolll… but there was one other one? hmmmm 🙄 such a good post ..lots of fun 😉
    Much love and thanks for a great week.. Lotsa laughter … ♥ Lizzie
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..Painting Red; From the Bright Sunny RoomMy Profile

  5. Lots of luck with the new book hun – you deserve the best!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!

    Prenin. 🙂
    prenin recently posted..Saturday – A little help from my friends.My Profile

  6. We’re all bunched up over here, waiting for whatever it is to spring forward (teehee) into a masterful epic of life and love!!!


    PS did anyone find an hour? I seem to have lost one! When I awoke, there were several just wafting past my already daylighted window… in case you’re missing one too!!
    BuddhaKat recently posted..FractaliaMy Profile

    • Oh, please trap them. Even if we do not use them now…we can save them up for later!! xxx

  7. IR Weasel, that is too good.

    I am thinking of going up to Minnesota for the walk this year, wanna go?
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Big Dreams Little TentMy Profile

  8. Red,
    (((( YOU ROCK )))))))

    My Inner Chick recently posted..A Few Of My Distractions & Favorite ThingsMy Profile

    • Much love. I am going to do more, but I just wanted to grab some quick attention. xxx


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