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One Book, Two Books, Three Books, Four!

Red Dwyer

Today is a huge day for me, M3 and RedmundPro. Let’s start with a few illustrations.

Writers Spotlight: Ben Woodard

Red was coming off the patio when she saw a group of boys hovering around a booth. It did not take a second to recognize Ben Woodard in the center of the hoard. She grabbed a cuppa and headed off to talk about boys, eagles and secret sex scenes.

Writers Spotlight: Red Tash

Red was busy trying to get the last of the fogey’s cigar club out of the M3 Coffee Shoppe because she knew she had seen Red Tash over in the front booth talking with another author. She did not want to miss out on sitting down with the four time Mommy Champion to discuss This […]

Writer’s Spotlight: Armand Rosamilia

Red was busy making iced coffee for the afternoon crowd when the unmistakable smell of Zombie wafted across the Coffee Shoppe. She crossed over to the couches on the south wall, and there was Armand Rosamilia showing books to three other patrons. She waited for them to shuffle away before she sat Armand down to […]

Writer’s Spotlight: Christine Nolfi

It was really hard for Red to miss the smartly dressed, fit young lady with the perfect hair sitting by the window. Christine was flipping pages on her Kindle when Red made herself at home across the table. Christine put the book down to give Red the skinny on the series and the nocturnal gems.