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Alphabet Soup

During the A to Z Challenge, one of the things which took a backseat to psychology was posts which are inspired by the M3 Readers. One such post comes compliments of my sister. Another wordsmith with an abundance of letters, this will be a polysyllabic tribute, but without my usual mean bone being the part […]

D is for Defiance

No. No. No. No! NO! Sound like someone you know? Is it you? We all know there are plenty of situations where the appropriate answer is No. Defiance is when the only answer is No. Does that mean all defiance is bad behavior? Red crypticism: Depends on what you are defying.

A is for Adversarial

Before conflict resolution comes conflict. Choosing an adversarial position is second nature, even for those who prefer not to argue. Some are adversarial about everything. Adversaries use three dominant techniques: Argument, authority and aggression.

By the Letter


In celebration of the moving I wanted to have a housewarming party for M3. Alas, before I can just throw a meet and greet, I need to take care of a bit of business which happened the day before the move. The mail has yet to be all forwarded, but I did get this one.

Saturday Evening Post

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This has been a week filled with news and politics and tragedy and …looking for a word which is not an expletive… assorted gradu. If you are unfamiliar with the term gradu, let me elucidate. Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. I shall stoke the fire.