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Freeing Flash

One of the questions I asked of my guest posters was “Why is flash freeing?” because there have been a number of authors tell me how much they adore flash once they take the plunge. Laurie answered.

Guest Post: To Review… Or Not

This is another question from the guest post hat. Janet (of BuddhaKat fractaliciousness) found one which grabbed her fancy.

Guest Post: When I started…

When I reached out for guests posts this time, I had a theme in mind. (Quelle surprise, non?)

Z is for ZZZ

Babies need 10-14 hours of sleep a day. If they do not get it, they are cranky and uncoopera… What? Yes, we are still A to Z’ing. During the coverage of the Mine Principle, we established your book is your baby. It needs a nap. Frankly, so do you.

Y is for Yeasty

Yeast·y  /ˈyēstē/ 2. Characterized by or producing upheaval or agitation; in a state of turbulence, typically a creative or productive one.