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I am completely convinced M3 has the very best audience in all of the blogosphere. In less than one week, you left me more than 140 messages, many more likes, lots of stars and more questions than I thought would surface.

Make To Do List

Make To Do List


Here’s the laundry list of things I need to do when I get home:

  1. Plug in laptop…it is going to be a long ride.
  2. Make full pot of coffee. Pour two cups. Make more coffee. Snort teaspoon of coffee straight from grinder.
  3. Read Muse for Monday to see if I posted the wrong poem or if the Kool-aid was really good or if it really does read that way.
  4. Get a post ready for Talk Tuesday. We are definitely going to talk about something (not the poetry).
  5. Write the writer’s version of what maelstrom was in my brain when I wrote The Night Scene.
  6. Tear down poll and process results (Oh, my word! So many votes!)
  7. Scan hatemail for new survey subject.
  8. Build awards post for all awards earned whilst on vacation.
  9. Schedule 27 hours to read all the blogs I missed.
  10. Find good transcription software, so I can not type so much.
  11. Take nap.
  12. Read more blogs.
  13. Remember how to use social media…again.

#7 fell off the to-do list while I was writing. My tele was reading my email to me while I was typing, and I found the next poll. Hopefully, I will get it up before tonight’s post at 2000.

Before all of that…

I just need to tell you all Thank you!

You have been so busy whilst I was gone! Since noon Sunday, 08JAN12, you left me more than 140 comments! You shared lots of posts. You laughed, thought, talked about it, thought some more and asked questions…even though you knew it would take me a while to get back to you.

Last night, someone who did not leave a comment was the 20,000th visitor to M3! You (Can you see your reflection in the screen? No, turn on the webcam and take your picture!) make blogging fun and worthwhile.

Love the colors!

Love the colors!

Now, for Some Substance, Sort of…

The storms I saw on the first leg of the vacation made for some gorgeous shots of the sky when the rain clouds retreated. I admit, I take pictures of strange things, but this one is worth sharing. Some days, the sky makes you remember what a beautiful planet we have. The colors in the sky as I drove to pick up the children were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Do you deliver?

Do you deliver?

Once we got back to the hotel and crashed, it was obvious even before both my eyes were open, the short ones were ready for room service or me to get vertical and orchestrate breakfast of some variety. However, being resourceful, Little Bear was one step ahead of the game kicked back in the chair with the Real Yellow Pages scanning for delivery. Shame. He was looking through the listings of Movers. Similar theory, but not quite how to get food delivered to the room.

Could have gotten 100 yards closer to the hairbrush

Could have gotten 100 yards closer to the hairbrush

So, I get up and give in to the starving brood, who are convinced they have not eaten since Baton Rouge…in May. Off to the restaurant we go. In the elevator, Little V’s favorite ride outside the StairMaster, we went over the basics:

  • Volume control
  • Chew with your lips together
  • Eat food before dessert and a third drink
  • Feet forward
  • Napkin in lap
  • One set of silverware
  • Keep your knife to yourself

…basics. Oh, yeah. I forgot…We only see food on the plate. *Sigh*

In her defense, the melon was to get the taste of dill pickle off her tongue. *Sinister Grin* When will they get wise to Oh, try it! You will like it!?


Where do you eat on vacation? Room service? Restaurants? Drive-through? Take-out? Delivery? Convenience store? Grocery store food in the room? Yes is a possible answer!

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  1. Short and to the point, my favorite kind!

    When on vacation, I prefer to eat what can be cooked over an open fire, or over a bed of hot coals from that open fire. There really is no other way to eat when you’re in the great outdoors. Fast food used to be a freshly caught fish or rabbit on a stick stuck into the ground in the middle of a small fire. Now, it’s microwaved, processed beef parts,

    • I am with you on the fresh fish, but draw the line at rodent. I know…I should not, but there it is!

      • Are bunny rabbits rodents? Ewe! I ate rodent stew? Yuck! We were camping in Death Valley on a motor bike tour of the lower States, and a friend with us was a German-trained cruise ship chef, who had spent a lot of time in the forests in Germany. He made a stew out of a jackrabbit that was pretty much the best meal I have ever eaten…

  2. I love pickles of all kind, but I draw the line at pickled eyeballs!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


    • ROFL! I think I may well have to agree with your boundary. By far, I love bread and butter, but I am absolutely non-discriminatory when it comes to pickles…especially pickled okra…Mmm. I know, Southern Belle at heart! {HUGZ} Red.

  3. Loved this post. I can’t wait to go on vacation now. Glad to meet your blog.


    • I am so glad you stopped by for a visit. Be sure to stop by the Green Room and leave a link to your blog. Quite a few would love to hear what you have to say! Red.

  4. Yes. Usually fast food ($$$) with the occasional nice dinner out. If by “room service” you mean pizza… delivery, then yes to that too. Glad you had fun 🙂

    • HAHAHA! No, Room Service is not pizza…although it is the Little Bear’s favorite thing on the menu. 😉

  5. I love the to-do list pic! Creativity is ‘where it is at’!! Your style of writing Red is conversational and inviting. Well written my friend. As for eating while on vacation, I like to eat out at restaurants (fancy for dinner, not so much for breakfast or lunch). Sometimes brunch is a good option. Thanks for updating us on your trip 🙂

    • When I need to feel “accomplished”, I write that to-do list 🙂 I say it all the time…I write the way I speak!

      Glad to see you late tonight!

      • Haha you noticed the time! I see you were hard at work still as well. We ladies got to stick together 🙂

  6. bear

     /  January 16, 2012

    Room service, snicker, is my favorite thing. To dine out is the best when not stressed. And walmart is a good source for in room goodies.


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