Wordless Wednesday

Time for the pretties. Come name the fractals. No peeking! (Click to enlarge any image.)

Red Dwyer Fractal Art


Red Dwyer Fractal Art

Red Dwyer Fractal Art

Red Dwyer Fractal Art

Red Dwyer Fractal Art

One pair is about hair. One pair looks like cousins, but it not at all related. One could have been named something about dancers.

Last Time

Mine names for our last fractals were:

  1. Mismatched Saucers
  2. Early Autumn
  3. Boneless Kites
  4. Tornado Spawn
  5. On the Wind

The thumbnail of Boneless Kites made me laugh. On the Wind was a different species before the phoenix it became. Early Autumn would have had a completely different name had it been upside down.

Which one is your favorite? What would you name them?

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  1. It’s a tossup between 1 and 2 for fave….

    1. Mating Dance of Neon Butterflies
    2. Selfie (of Red, naturally…)
    3. Tao of War, or Sun Tzu’s Nightmare
    4. Farewell to Discworld
    5. Cthulthu Erased.

    Don’t ask… I don’t have a clue…

    gigoid, the dubious….
    gigoid recently posted..Desperate times call for desperate measures….My Profile

  2. 1. Firefly footprints
    3. Nebulous planet

  3. Last one is “Thought Cloud”
    Bearman recently posted..Lilly Pulitzer: Ugliness at TargetMy Profile

  4. 1. In the Garden
    2. Tamed Chaos
    3. Slow Burn
    4. Mornings Kiss
    5. Blink

    Blink (5) is my favorite.

  5. All beautiful creations Red..
    1. Paws Powwow
    2. Sprite Dance
    3 Dawns Balance
    4 Aurora’s Bubble
    5 Transcendence from Darkness

    Love and Hugs.. xxx

  6. I so love the first and last images. It’s alive for me. Great post!

  7. It is great to see your Fractals again, and here are my thoughts on same 🙂 I wonder what I will see in these? 🙂

    1/ Ghostly Gardener
    2/ Swirling Vienna
    3/ Global Meltdown
    4/ Tasting the Light
    5/ Fragrance Boom

    Wow you certainly like to test our wickedness that’s for sure but I have enjoyed viewing and commenting on these Red 🙂

    Have an awesome Thursday 🙂

    Andro xxx

  8. love the first one!

    would call it birds with paws 🙂

    number four is a bit horror flicky looking..

  9. I have caught up already, which is really great as I thought that I was way behind around here my lovely friend. I am already looking forward to my next visit and yes, I won’t be leaving it too late this time around. May I say how happy you are looking lately, not that you ever looked anything other than lovely, but I have noticed a difference with you my dear friend and I like it.

    Have a truly wonderful Sunday and week ahead, and never lose sight of a dream, my own wording but it is definitely true, your smile proves it my beautiful young friend. Chad seems a very nice guy and anyone that adds that extra sweetness to your character is someone worth knowing.

    Andro xxx

    • I told you it would not be a long haul to get caught up 😉 Aye, my smile is wider these days. I have quite a healthy dose of happy on a regular basis. Your entrance into my social media realm has been delightful. Our new level of engagement is so very nice. I shall send you a note elsewhere for the rest, my dear friend. xxxx

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