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Catching Up

With all the talk of time and managing schedules, M3 had to take the advice to heart and catch up with some of the bloggers who make the blogosphere a wonderful place to work. Today, we are going to shine the light on two such bloggers and then open the door on quite a few […]

Spring Decorating

I have been remiss in my duties, so I need to clean off a shelf and put something on it. Kearney has been waiting on me since the 5th, but alas, there were some which were ahead of her. This post goes out to her, but you are more than welcome to take a peek

This is a test.

Had this been a real emergency, you would have all drowned, been burnt in a cataclysm or fallen from the edge of the Earth created by the earthquake. Choose your own natural disaster. Please enter the disaster zone with caution.

Saturday Evening Post

The time has come to exercise the theory of less is more, in a totally left-handed way. And from a natural lefty, it is not a swipe at those who are right-challenged. It is truly a matter of me listening to the inbox and the M3 Readers. So no one gets a complex…it is all my […]

Writer’s Spotlight: Stuart Haddon

Red was busy with a spilled latte when she heard the unmistakable accent of a Scotsman at a table in the corner. Yes, he was arguing with his tablet, but she wanted to see who the newest member of the M3 Coffee Shoppe was. Stuart Haddon stowed the wayward tablet and got wound up in […]