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John McDevitt ~ The Aware Writer

My friend, John McDevitt, who you may know from around these parts, his blog and his contributions to Taming the Terrible Twos: A Parents’ Survival Guide and Mantra for a Muse, was one of the strongest forces in my writing world.

Dear Valentine

Fractal Art Red Dwyer

You know I hate Hallmark Day. Still…

Dear M3 Readers

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This one is only for you.

Saturday Evening Post


How is it the first week of the year, albeit one of the shortest, could be so long? Grab a blanket and a cuppa since it is frigid. Clyde’s goose bumps are all lined up. Let’s talk.

Leaves and Pages and Elephants

Anyone can eat an elephant

New Year’s resolutions. Social media is full of them. How about a different sort of challenge?