Dear Mr. Stood-Me-Up

While you may think it is a fun position, this is not what you may have come to expect from me. You have been warned.

Dear Mr. Stood-Me-Up,

I am going to call you by your initials because typing your name is too time consuming.

Little Red Riding HoodI wasted plenty of time before I got to this screen. Like the time I spent reading your profile, messages, texts and notes. I cleared my calendar of work which needed doing so I could get ahead to make room for spending face time. I even took my picture in my boardroom so you would know which one I was when you arrived. We will not even talk about the traffic to the middle of 10-miles-past-I-have-no-idea-where-I-am.

So, here’s the deal, SMU. I had a fabulous cup of coffee made by a really sweet guy. I left him my number. You? I likely will not answer when you call.

Yes. This is punishment. At any time during the 36 hours between making the plans and time I left where those plans were, you had an opportunity to say something. For example:

  • I may be late.
  • I may not be able to make it.
  • I cannot get there for another hour.
  • Could we reschedule?
  • I am a complete ass.

I would have been amenable to any of those. On the other hand, what I will never be amenable to is the beg for forgiveness. Yes, I am that cold-hearted. You will need to read the link to understand I wrote the last sentence in sarcasm font.

Since you do not value my time at all, I hardly think you will be worth making time to allow you another chance.

You should join the site for people who have no time in their schedules or simply take courses in time management and etiquette. Surely, it will help you with the next one who comes along.

Good riddance,

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  1. Red,


    SIGH…. I won’t bother apologizing for my gender, as I can’t think of a reason I would ever do such a rude thing; hence, having nothing in common with the asshole who prompted your ire, I don’t feel compelled to try to make excuses for all of us, simply because we share an anatomical anomaly…. I also might add, you surprised me a bit, by expressing your quite justifiable resentment with more restraint than it deserved.

    What I will say is, sadly, the answer to your first question is, because most people are rude and self-centered.

    My answer to the second query, at this time, continues to be no….

    Good post…. good catharsis, as well, I would guess…


    gigoid, the dubious,

    who would have been at the coffee shop, waiting for you to arrive, as a matter of policy and habit…

    gigoid recently posted..Seven good reasons….My Profile

    • Apologies are overrated, mainly because those who are willing to apologize are not the ones at fault. I think Val has the right idea. You might be surprised how restrained I can be. *wicked grins*

  2. Good for you! Being stood up was on my list of non-negotiables when I was dating. As was not calling when they said they would. My list cleared the field of losers and be available for the right one.
    Enchanted Seashells, Confessions of a Tugboat Captain’s Wife recently posted..sometimes it sucks to be marriedMy Profile

  3. Even quiet me (when young once) didn’t put up with such tactless behavior.

    I don’t understand why it’s difficult to communicate and no I couldn’t write a letter every day. o_O
    Tess recently posted..#WORDPRESS #BLOG OWNERS PLEASE NOTE…My Profile

  4. Well you know my answer, F Him

  5. What an asshole… There is no way in hell that I would have stood you up, even if I had to crawl my way there, that guy must have been in zombie-land to miss out on your sweet company.

    At least you got shut straight off, I mean who needs a loser, a waste of space inconsiderate, out of his depth, absolute tit and jerkoff… Did I mention asshole? Oh yes at the beginning, well he surely was and like you rightly said at the end of your posting, good riddance 🙂

    Have a lovely Thursday my dear Red 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • I got to thinking about all the men who have stood me up and realized this: If I had a rose for each of them, my boudoir would smell like a mortuary. Meh. On to frying better tasting fish, as it were. >:) xxxx


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