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It’s About Damn Time

My Dearest M3 Readers (all four of you), It has been a time of bizarre and wonderful happenstance and endeavor. Rather than bore you with the intimate details, suffice it to say I have overcome. My official newlywed label has worn away, and my doctor says I may type. We shall keep her squarely in […]

Prompt: Fun Date

buffalo nickel

Confidence is attractive. Humor is attractive. I am confident in my ability to be a fun date.


Get Smart Shoe Phone

Keywords make finding what we want easy. Telling a clerk for what we search makes it simpler for us to get help finding it. What happens when we have no idea how to describe what we want?

Schrödinger’s Cat

6 relationship rules

The world of (un)social media is filled with cats. This post is filled with not cats. More appropriately, it is filled with stopping being Schrödinger’s cat. To the science and math phobes in the audience, this is not a post about quantum theory and superposition, exactly.

Dear Mr. Stood-Me-Up

Little Red Riding Hood

While you may think it is a fun position, this is not what you may have come to expect from me. You have been warned.