Dear Shoes

Shoe ClosetI will never admit to owning more than 100 pair. That’s my story.

Dear Shoes,

The time of year has come to send a few pairs of you to a new home. Not because you are worn to the place I can no longer put you on, merely because it is time to embrace something new.

No, the new ones are not better, even if they are a mite taller. No, they are not a new trendy color I will hate in six months. No, they are not some sad fad like elf shoes or Ugg’s (which are so appropriately named to be hysterical).

Yes, some of you will be staying, especially the oldest. You have been around since 1947. My mother was not even a twinkle in someone’s eye when you were cobbled. We will be going out in the near future, as I have a new dress which just screams 1940s.

The pair of boots which need resoling… again… is staying as well. So are a handful of shoes any stripper or dominatrix would flog someone to wear. Oh and that cork-bottomed, turquoise, wraparound pair which would make Charo cha-cha.

To those who just could not become my favorite pair, even for a weekend or an outfit, you are destined for another closet in hopes you get to be treasured. I hope you turn someone’s head, grab some compliments and make a woman feel entirely beautiful.


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  1. Any comment I could make would end up sounding wrong; sadly, I have a tendency to go for the cheap joke, a totally inappropriate venue for anything to do with you…

    So, I’ll merely say, I hope you find good homes for them, and enjoy their subs… is that the right word?


    gigoid, the dubious, with an absolutely straight face….
    gigoid recently posted..Stealing candy from babies is trickier than it seems…. Ask any Senator…My Profile

  2. Out with the old and in with the new, that has a certain ring to it and hey just think of those higher heels, I am, yours I mean 🙂

    While it is sad letting some old friends go, it is always refreshing to hunt down some new one’s and I know your tastes are varied, and wicked.

    You will have to add another posting to show us your awesomeness in shopping, oh and perhaps modelling some might be an option, well I only said 😉

    I will be back here on Thursday to backtrack through your postings and find out what naughtiness you have been getting up to, plus the Valentine weekend has just zoomed by so there will probably be a mention of that somewhere too.

    I will look in on the ape and check out your Fractals, if you have added new one’s that is, but I do hope so as I always like those 🙂 Okay enough of my wittering, and hey have a fantastic rest of Tuesday and more importantly a wicked Hump Day tomorrow, I know that you will 😉

    Andro xxxx

    • We may have to have a shoefie parade. Good to see you, my dark friend. You will be catching up with some of the catching up. I think by then the Valentine post will actually be live. What a nightmare. Meh. I reprogrammed it. I am ready for Hump Day. *giggles* xxxx

      • Hump Days, oh yes now you are talking and wouldn’t it be wicked humping together, hey metaphorically speaking I mean, or do I? Well as I was saying, if only I could get on here whenever you have just posted, now that would be great 🙂

        I am getting a bit more frequent though, which beats the sporadic any day so watch this Space 😉

        Have a wonderful Thursday Red and do post your new shoes whenever you have the time, I mean so many to photograph 😉 lol

        Andro xxxx

        • One of these days, you will click the follow button now that I have lit it and extinguished the “No Smoking” sign. xxxx

          • I thought that I already had clicked it, hmm that explains why I don’t receive any feedback on new postings… I think I should hop down the yellow brick road don’t you? I mean even I should have realised that my following you had been compromised… Oh dear where is that scatter brain? 😉 lol

            Have a lovely Sunday with Easter eggs aplenty 🙂

            Andro xxx

  3. I have a pair of shoes I’ve worn less than a handful of times only because I couldn’t wear them ANYwhere. My description: hooker shoes and I will NeVer give them up. They are glittery like the glitters we used to put in our hair for occasions like New Years–while the fad lasted.
    Most likely my feet have grown / spread / sunk so I will never fit in them again, yet I cannot part with them. 😛 😛 Another pair of 4-inchers. <3
    Tess recently posted..100-Word Challenge for Grownups – Week #168My Profile

    • I have a couple of posterity pairs. I have the fours I wear in boots, but most of my heels are at least 5 or 6. I have that one fabbo pair of boots with 8″ heels. Mmm. I love them. Yes, lots of hooker shoes. xxx

  4. Yes, it is closet clearing time for me as well. Time to examine what we have and what we need. My problem though? Everything out there is just not as pretty as what I already have. I think I will be doing it more slowly this year. Maybe only as I find something new I just can’t live without.
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Godless LiberalMy Profile

    • That is where I am now. Fortunately, I have found a few bags I could not possibly pass by. Now, if I could find a really pretty dress to wear with the sweet turquoise shoes I bought…


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