Hot Flash

Tools arranged on the tray were surgical instruments. He dropped the thermostat, donned gloves and took a deep breath.

Only two weeks to perfect his carving technique, he started on her shapely leg.

Moments later, he cursed. His glove was nasty.

“I’m never going to win the chocolate competition!”

Welcome to "Flash in the Pan"

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

Welcome to the second Hot Flash! of the quarter. The word limit is still 50 words, and this tasty number weighs in at 49. Chocolate is the featured word this month. Can you flash chocolate in 50 words or less?

Have you written a flash? Join us for the fourth edition of Flash in the Pan: Flashes from the Bistro. Rules, deadlines and submission guidelines are on the Flash in the Pan page (link just below the header). You could be in the next book!

Today is the day! Flash in the Pan: Wave of Emotion is available today! Pick up your copy today. The first three books are available as a set at a discount!

What did you think he was doing in the beginning? Do you think you could carve a chocolate sculpture?

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