Day 2: Feel Strongly

RedFeeling strongly about things comes across in a few different ways. I have been accused of all of them. I have even been guilty of them. It is a bit like being true to my name: Passionate.

One of the things I feel most strongly about is feeling strongly. Despite the echolalia, it is not redundant. For me, feeling strongly about something means conviction, perseverance, overt passion.


You have one. Do not attempt to deny it unless you intend to be called a liar. Now, unequivocally state said opinion. If you know in advance it will draw rotting tomatoes from complete strangers, relax before impact to soften the blow.

I am likely the single most opinionated person I know. Want to know why I am not considered a self-righteous meme?



Sounds pretty self-righteous. In fact, it is the truth. I do everything in my power not to hold opinions based on gradu, innuendo or lies. Once I am convinced of the facts, I form an opinion I can stand behind… tomatoes notwithstanding. Most of the time, the tomatoes disintegrate when they come in contact with the opinion.

Yes, I come under fire for many of my opinions. Once my dissenter stops shouting about the obvious vacuum in my cranium, a rational rendition of the basis of my opinion is inordinately swaying. It is why I am rather good at sales, as it were.


Getting me to change my opinion is particularly difficult. Yes, I am bullheaded. This in no way means I am narrow-minded, immutable or impervious. It does mean you best be armed to the teeth with facts, figures, photographs and possibly a flip chart and three professional references before I am going to come off the mountain.


No hateDespite holding negative opinions, I rarely hate. In order to hate, one must first love because hate is only as powerful as the love at the other end of the number line. If I have never loved you, I cannot hate you. If I have never known you, I could not have loved you.

It is impossible to hate inanimate objects or concepts. It is possible to hate their effects, yet only to the extent you love the object of those effects.

Besides the logical reasons hate does not often come onto my radar screen, the energy necessary to exercise hate is not a resource I have in enough abundance to sacrifice on any given day. It takes more energy to hate than to love because love is regenerating, where hate is self-consuming.

pierced ear

Not all that pointy


Why does it all work for me? Logical research, not to put too fine a point on it. Learn why you feel the way you do. Figure out if it is justified by the facts. Put out stakes. Stand your ground. Announce your territory.

It is not enough to feel strongly about anything. You must wear your conviction where everyone else knows what you stand for, otherwise you are just a closet judge. If you feel strongly enough to have an opinion, share.

What makes you feel strongly? Do you share or baa your way into the crowd until someone else gives you an opinion? (It is okay to admit this. There is help.)

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  1. This is good. A good reminder. I tend to NOT have strong opinions that I’m willing to share out loud. After reading this, I had to admit that I need to share those opinions in a “big girl voice” and not just on paper.

    This is a favorite lesson from you.

    Candy recently posted..Flash in the Pan – BusboyMy Profile

  2. My opinions are strong and I stand behind every one of them. Arguing falls into the category of “vain disputation” so I avoid people who love to argue, especially when they are wrong. LOL!

    • LOL! I love to argue. Most people regard argument merely as someone attempting to convince them they are wrong. *grins*

  3. I know far too many people who confuse conviction with intolerance and a refusal to examine contrary evidence.

  4. Wish you had a like button sometimes – I like, but don’t have anything great to add! 🙂

    Love how you have so much to say though…
    Noeleen recently posted..History in the makingMy Profile

    • Mash the love button. I use it to keep tabs on what all of you like without making anyone feel they need to leave additional feedback. xxx Glad you like this one.

  5. I rant about people who love to argue for the sake of arguement.

    I love debate. I find debate exhilerating when conducted properly and with those who understand the rules of debate. I enjoy other peoples thoughts and opinions, I like to understand how others think and how they form them. I don’t have to agree with them, I just want to know where they come from.

    I know, strange.

    I don’t hate, like you I find it takes far to much energy.

    This was an extremely good lesson and very insightful.
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Flash: ReservationsMy Profile

    • ROFL! How do we spend so much time on the tele? I LOVE to argue. For me, finding out why (if) people think anything reveals more to me than hearing their opinions. Glad you liked this one.

  6. I’m kinda on the fence on this one… 😉 ♡
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..Free SpiritMy Profile

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