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Flash in the Pan

This page is dedicated to the M3 flash fiction challenge, Flash in the Pan. Weekly prompts produce the flash fiction you will find on the FTP pages. If you like the short, quick to read and convey messages type of writing, you are home. Pull up a rocker and grab a cuppa. You will be finished before it is cold.

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”


Clicking the main flash words will bring you to the M3 offering (and the word limit). Other blogs participating are listed below the flash word. If you missed the first edition, get your free copy today. Looking for the second, third, fourth or fifth editions? Check it out on RedmundPro by clicking on any of the covers in the slide show!

How to Join

Each flash begins with a single word. It should fit into the quarterly theme of Boys and Their Toys. The word must be used exactly as listed. All flashes must stand alone to be accepted. If you would like to join:

  • Create your flash according to the guidelines in the post.
  • Link back to the Flash in the Pan with the matching word.*
  • Link back to this page if you are working ahead.*
  • Check back here to see your post beneath the corresponding word.

When you link back to M3, always use the URL of the post corresponding to your flash or the URL of this page. Do not use M3’s homepage, as your piece will not be found. Doing that does not provide a pingback to your blog. If your blog is on a non-WordPress platform, please email a link to your flash.

If this is your first time flashing with us, please send an email to the editor for further resources. Entries are not automatically eligible.

Pages containing all of the flashes together (or multiple entries) will be disqualified. There is no poetry in FTP. Stories should not be clips from a longer work. Flashes should not be serial. Please follow the instructions on this page to be considered.

*Blog Not Necessary

If you do not have a blog but still want to be published in this edition of Flash in the Pan, send your flash (sans HTML) with word count to the RedmundPro editor’s box. You will get a response for acceptance and a care package. A link will appear under the corresponding words for all authors who appear only in the book.

All of this quarter’s flash words and limits are available for those who would like to get ahead or want to be first! The flash fiction pieces featured here will be in the quarterly edition of Flash in the Pan. The first five editions are available at Redmund Productions now. The sixth edition will launch on 01FEB14!

These words are available until the 31st day of March, at 2359 EST (GMT -5). At that time, all linked here will be moved to the seventh book, and a new set of words will be featured.

Only 250 flashes will make it into the book. Do not miss the deadline!

Happy Flashing!

Now, let’s get flashing!

Tools (100)

If I Only Had a Time Machine by Maryann

How the Cookie Crumbles by Tess

QBG ~ Tilted Tiara by Val

Rants & Raves by Grant

Rob’s Surf Report by Rob

Tragic Lady, But No TB by Margaret

What’s Sarcasm? by Mary

Wizard’s Word by Susan

Marble (100)

How the Cookie Crumbles by Tess

Rob’s Surf Report by Rob

Tragic Lady, But No TB by Margaret

What’s Sarcasm? by Mary

Car (100)

How the Cookie Crumbles by Tess

Rants & Raves by Grant

Rob’s Surf Report by Rob

Tragic Lady, But No TB by Margaret

What’s Sarcasm? by Mary

Wizard’s Word by Susan

Gun (100)

Tragic Lady, But No TB by Margaret

Soldiers (75)

Joe’s Musings by Joe

Tragic Lady, But No TB by Margaret

Motorcycle (75)

Joe’s Musings by Joe

Surfboard (75)

 Joe’s Musings by Joe

Figures (75)

Joe’s Musings by Joe

Football (150)

Radio (150)

Blocks (150)

Models (150)

Plane (150)

Tragic Lady, But No TB by Margaret

Hot Flashes

Remote (50)

Fi’s Thoughts by Fi

If I Only Had a Time Machine by Maryann

How the Cookie Crumbles by Tess

Lyons Den by Robert

Pen Kisses Paper by Eleenie

Rob’s Surf Report by Rob

A Short A Day by Shorty

Tragic Lady, But No TB by Margaret

Wizard’s Word by Susan

Writing to be Noticed by Jeremy

Tent (50)

More to be announced on the first of each month!

When you share this page, please use the hashtags #flashfiction and #getpublished w/ @RedmundPro. Thank you for your support of Flash in the Pan!

© Red Dwyer 2013
via Redmund Productions
Copyright and Privacy Policy available in The Office
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