Prompt: I cannot live without…

Five things I cannot live without? These may shock you.

Size Matters coffee cup

5. Coffee.

Somehow, you thought that would be number one. Admit it. Actually, it may be tied with TAB and wine.


Something else to write.

4. Books.

Whether reading them or writing them, books are like air. They take me to places I will never travel to see, let me explore other times and teach me all manner of techniques, philosophies and facts.

Fractal Art

3. Art.

From the antiques I keep which have survived lifetimes with others before I got them to the art I create, the creativity of the pieces stirs my imagination.

friends on the beach

2. Friends

They keep me from going off the rails or trying something which will get me on an autopsy slab in search of any cranial contents.

mad love meme

Free to download and share

1. Love

I pour it out all day, every day. The well needs to be replenished, so I can do it again tomorrow.


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What is one thing you cannot do without?

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  1. Red,

    You nailed it pretty well with your list; at least two, if not all of those five are embedded in me, as well. Love, books, friends, coffee, all for me would be missed as much or more than breathing. Art, I think, is part of all of those, save maybe the coffee, because life is a work of art, in progress. Coffee may not be artsy, but, none of the rest has much meaning without it….

    As for all the rest of the world’s treasures, of all of them, only caramel would be missed as much, especially if it’s got chocolate in the vicinity.

    *grin* I’d also say two other friends might be considered invaluable; John Daniels and James Beam have both been good to me, at the right time in the right measure. Can’t play a decent lick on the guitar without at least a word with them prior….

    See ya… sooner than it may seem….

    gigoid, the dubious

    • My caveat about the possible tie with TAB and wine was veritable. Methinks bourbon is in my immediate future. Xxx

  2. Chocolate is my coffee. Luckily it is calorie free in Wombania.


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