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This has been a long and wondrous week. Settle in with a cuppa. We have much to discuss about M3 and its influence. We even have some exciting news to share in winning the battle over autism. Let’s just talk.

Crazy Talk

The poll on the bizarre search terms ends tonight. Please vote for the term which you think is the strangest one to bring visitors to M3. Yes, all of these terms are statistics larger than one. If you would like to change your answer, feel free to vote again.

Disconnected Talk

Compliments of the Facebook crash, M3 has suffered in the sharing department. For all the disdain we all show for Facebook, it is one of M3’s largest markets. We could blame that on my more than 5,000 contacts, but in truth, it is more from your friends than mine. Odd, but true. (Truly not odd, but that is a post for another day.)

The like button may well be missing from this post, as it was from Friday Follies. If you missed this week’s FF, you truly are in for a treat. <<<Look in the box to the left (just above the poll) for First, First, Again & First. (<<<Or just click there.)

So far, the comments from FB are coming back to M3 and posting appropriately, but those of you who registered only with FB are having difficulty leaving comments. This is not a problem with M3. It is a problem with the bandwidth Facebook is dedicating to user API. Much of the outside web which relies on the convenience of one touch login is perturbed with FB shutting the door on its users.

Despite what most web owners will tell you, it is not an affront to me the API is not working. It is telling FB users their convenience and comfort with security at FB is of less value than their ability to generate ads on their own site.

Ads & Contracts Talk

In what has to be the coup de grace, FB began soliciting me to promote my posts, with prices starting as low as $5! I have recently had a similar experience with Verizon Wireless.

That is our free service. Why don’t you order this service for only $4.95 per month, and it will do what you want it to do?”

No, Verizon, the service is not free. It is part of a package I contracted with you to provide. I pay for the service. Therefore, it is not free, and you are in breach of contract by failing to provide the service. Is your attorney there? May I speak with him?

(Sounds of stuttering and coughing and mumbling something about a supervisor.)


The call was being recorded for training purposes, and I have a line into a technical manager who called to find out why I would rate my likelihood to recommend Verizon Wireless to my friends and family a


on a scale from one to ten, with one being not likely at all, and 10 being extremely likely. Facebook has not returned my call, but that does not mean I have not already spoken to someone. *Wicked Evil Grin*

M3 Talk

You would never guess who is tickled pink to see there is an increase in the number of subscribers. Safe bet says the increase in traffic and comments is due to the ever faithful M3 Readers and the subscribers who were hooked by hearing about M3 at other blogs. Which leads to….

Confession Talk

I have a party planned for this week. I have some major catching up to do and some door prizes. I need your help. What should I name the party post? We have some monster things to celebrate:

  • M3’s 500th post (Have you read it yet?)
  • M3’s 12,500 comment (Who said it?)
  • M3’s 80,000th hit
  • Passing 415,000 words

As far as goals go, we are on track for the 150,000 hits for this year because we are over the halfway point as over 01JUN12. We are going to shatter the goal for comments, which was 15,000. The only goal, I do not see making is the word count for this year.

Considering I still have one (maybe two) more books to finish, three which are in editing now and seven manuscripts others would like me to edit or publish, I am having a hard time inundating you with posts the way I prefer to do. Knowing that, I am going to keep up with the features…You have a link to each of them in the menu bar below the header.

I am also far overdue for a vacation. My daughter is returning to the United States this week, and I am itching to go home for a while… then permanently. If these are excuses, then so be it.

Compliment Talk

I am thrilled to no end by some of the compliments I have gotten this week. Some people had no idea they were being complimentary, but my shades are hardly rose. For example….

  • What do you mean the blog is only six months old?!?!?!
  • You need a web butler so I can find everything.
  • How do you manage to remember all that stuff about everyone who comes to visit?

Okay, so maybe one more confession… I have a mind like a steel trap. I have long since tamed the OCD beast and use it to my full advantage.

Health Talk

By Tuesday, I was obsessing. I still had two sutures which had not broken free, one of which was threatening to in-grow. Wednesday brought talks of returning to have the stitches removed and resewn (not a good thing). Thursday, the reprieve arrived… the last suture ejected. Time to schedule it again!

Victory Talk

Loud and Clear

For those of you who have joined M3 since a very quiet Sunday in December, you do not know why seeing Little Bear master this sign is a triumph this week. It follows on the heels of mastering and using the signs for eat, drink and please. 


The signs were not only victories this week. Little V decided she wanted to learn sign language. She sat down with the book and taught herself 18 signs in a little under an hour. Within three hours, she was teaching them to her friend who is a couple years older than she.

Then… she proceeded to make up a story to recite using the signs she had learned.


Little Bear is not all sure sign language should be his native tongue. This week he called me Momma to get my attention! He told his sister to Get down! when she climbed the cabinet to get the remote control (do not ask). When Little V told him to eat his chicken (He was content with the speckled butter beans, TYVM.), he pointed to her plate and told her, Eat!

Other phrases he spoke this week were:

  • Sit down.
  • Get in the truck.
  • Give me that.
  • Son of a [expletive]
  • Goodnight (Not ni-night)
  • I love you.

But the one which has gotten the most rousing support? After months of the same blessing everyday before breakfast, lunch and dinner, on Tuesday, when it was all said and done, we all picked up our forks. Little Bear sat with his hands still together, and as clear as day said, In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Overall, it has been a good week.

Until next time,

Red Signature


Did you have a victory this week? Did you get a compliment? What should we name the party post?
Apologies to those who were looking to hear from Clyde this week. He will be returning next week, as the series will wrap up this week. I hope you like what is in store!

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  1. Wow, the kids are really ramping up the learning! I sign, and I think it is a great thing for everyone to learn (at least some). Since it’s way too late and I should have been in bed a long time ago, I’m to tired to recount any victories. I’m sure I must have had a few though. 🙂
    Angela recently posted..What are you kissing?My Profile

    • Red

       /  June 6, 2012

      It is a language I suggest to everyone. With a rising number of deaf and hard of hearing, it is the best thing to learn. I am sure you have had some, and I hope you get some rest. I am ready for some myself!

  2. Great posting. I had to skip over here to see why there would be one hatemailer. Damn ignorance!

    So pleased to hear about the sign language and the verbal communication going on. How wonderful that is.

    My victory: The Cute One is getting more balance and seems to be on his way to standing/walking on his own vry soon. His baby babble is also sounding more promising. Perhaps he’ll say momma soon.
    Lorre recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: If you mean “my” words.My Profile

    • Red

       /  June 13, 2012

      That would be completely amazing! Miscues aside, it is grand to hear him talk. I am always amazed at how low his voice it. I think he will be the first bass in the family.

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