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I know why.

RWB Fireworks

We do not do things we do not know why we do them.” ~ Red Dwyer

Light It Up Blue

If you have been off social media in the last week, you may have missed the thousands of posts reminding everyone to wear blue today (02APR) for Autism Awareness Day.

Nay, Neigh, Nay


When you hear the hoof beats of a nightmare in your sleep, the heart palpitations match the rhythm.

Fish Climbing Trees

Fish climb a tree

With nursery rhymes, folk tales, legends, fables and other various and sundry modes of instructional communication, we learn as children fish are adept at swimming. Tree-climbing? Not so much.

Brick Bat

Autistic Girl

Have you ever known someone who only learned things the hard way? Oh, don’t lie. If you have not, you are one.