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Guest Post: Laurie Childree

The request for guest posts was not one I could pass up; when I learned the theme I went about writing a post, or rather starting a post. The original post has been scrapped. I was distracted by something shiny, then life interrupted to wake me to the reality of interactions.

The No-Brainer

This week’s SEP put us back on our trek through the lives of Mate and Quaint. (If you have not been introduced, stop by their page to see about whom we are speaking.) One of the issues which came up in our discussion, and was evidenced by the poll in the post, was the basic […]

Try this on for size.

I published my original opinion on the topic of the Saturday Evening Post on 30MAY07, a result of contemplation of Memorial Day. Yes, this topic has been hanging around for a long time. You may note I updated the opinion last month with new statistics. Feel free to vote in the debate, for as you see, I am not […]

Saturday Evening Post

I have spent the majority of this week in safe subject zones (not that you can tell from Sex is Overrated). I just have my mouth set for controversy. Where have I been hiding? For those of you who travel in my blogging circles, you may have seen me at Val’s blog discussing chastity (With a […]