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Despite what may seem appropriate given the title, this post is not about writer’s block. Or many of the blocks which benefit or plague the author. Instead, we will be discussing mental blocks.


Voice your choice

The circle of life is a phenomenon most everyone who eats understands. The live eat the dead, even if someone else kills it, and life continues on its merry way. Eventually, the live become the dead, and another eats them. (Please refrain from reanimation scenarios, at least for now.)

Custom Grey Glass

Mad Passionate Love Meme

I have been watching a discussion about love. One party whipped out Webster’s to begin the discussion, yet chose fourth definition for the purposes of discussion. We have done this sort of thing before. Time to go off the ranch.

Which one?

Black Hole

Over the last three weeks, I have engaged in one conversation with a number of people separated by time and circumstance and thousands of miles. Each one ended with a simple question. I am still crowned “Cruel & Unusual”.

Wordless (almost) Wednesday

cosmic questions fractal art

One of the fractals in today’s line up is a copy of one you have seen before. The difference is the color. Do you remember what it looked like before?