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Prompt: My Warning Label

contents under pressure

Have you ever wondered what label your friends would put on you so others would know what to expect? Wouldn’t you know it? I asked.

Prompt: I say _______ a lot.

Meme crayons and puppets

Yes… I repeat myself. After all, there may still be someone who has not heard it.

Not Meme

Fractal Art

Memes are all the rage. On social media, they garner “friends” by the thousands, and people tune in to hear their drama du jour. How about some abject honesty?

Day 27: She Said.

quotes about half truth lies

I am known for many quotes: some mine, some of others. There is one I strive for every single day.

Day 7: I only get 5?


I routinely point out pet peeves #571 and #4,367. The challenge says just five. Le sigh. Let’s try. Oh, and expletives not deleted. You were warned. #5 Enunciation Truly, is it so difficult to pronounce words? If so, do you think I will be more receptive at higher decibels? Are you in such a hurry […]