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Heads or Tails: Boundaries

crime scene do not cross

The basis of identity is a definition. Identity is how we define ourselves by our beliefs and actions based on those beliefs. We draw boundaries we refuse to cross, effectively marking our territory. What happens when someone else makes those boundaries?

Saturday Evening Post

red wine glass

For the first time since M3 was born, I have no energy for a post. If you would like to hear the tale, please, grab a cuppa and snuggle in. The temperature will be dropping soon, so do pick up a blanket.


The more you do, the more you are expected to do.” The way of the world is of those granted much, much is expected. Much is not always money. Much is often time, talent, drive, skills, propensity, charity, resolve, kindness, compassion, courage, foresight, problem-solving, strength, …and more or some combination of them.

Enough Frivolity

For those who were disappointed in the level of intelligence at the dinner party I attended, be not distressed, it did create blog fodder of a different, more fulfilling sort. Namely, a rather in-depth look at being true to oneself. Observe.