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Chocolate Dipped

dog poop

When you mention chocolate, only those who are allergic to it cringe. Most everyone else puts their hand out with a grin. Do you?

Saturday Evening Post

In my ongoing effort to stop being a slacker, here we are on a foggy Saturday. Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. Seems Clyde has something to say which is likely to preempt what I had planned for today. Pushy orang.

To Thine Own Self…

As preposterous as calling Shakespeare “The Great Bard” is, there are some nuggets in his dramas which strike chords in minds. No, not hearts. Minds.

A Better Generation

Bar graph

Did you notice there was a new poll? It went up along side some of the romantic nonsense this week which coincided with Hallmark Day. Before I get any guff, I left the Other spot open for all of those whose answer was not in the top ten. Want to see what you want to […]

Enough Frivolity

For those who were disappointed in the level of intelligence at the dinner party I attended, be not distressed, it did create blog fodder of a different, more fulfilling sort. Namely, a rather in-depth look at being true to oneself. Observe.