Pinching Vacation Pennies

Part VII of the Vacation Savings Series. This is the end, but this is the beginning. Today is the last day of the poll to your left. Stand up and be counted!

Down to the Last Dime

Throughout this series, we have stressed the correlation between planning and saving money. Let’s recap and add a few final tips.

Plan early.

Take advantage of early bird discounts. The rates are best at least six weeks in advance. Take advantage of off-season destinations and off-peak travel days to save even more.

Know where you are going.

From searching the Internet to find a destination to knowing where the nearest camp site is, location is key to saving money on airfare or gasoline. Getting lost is expensive!

Amenities are expensive.

Do without concierge and room service. Do you really need a room with an iron, hair dryer and mini-bar?  (Need?) Rough it in the wilderness. Pitch a tent. You do not need to pull in a television in the woods.

All-Inclusive vs. Build-Your-Own-Vacation-Package

Do your homework. Research, compare rates, ask about specials and discounts. Remember to add the cost of entertainment and food to the basic travel package for an idea how much it will really cost.

Stay closer to home.

Save on travel time and airfare by choosing a destination within driving range of your home.

Typical brands of Potato Chips at a superstore.

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You are not starving.

Food is a big expense when you are away from home. Plan excursions, tours and activities between meals to cut down on snacking. Snacks and bottled water are your wallet’s enemy.

Drive smarter.

Even in the rental car, save gasoline. Before you bring it back you will have to put gas in it.

Bring your camera.

Souvenirs are cheap things which your recipient will likely hide (read donate to charity) after you have seen it two or three times. Give pictures of you enjoying your vacation.

Protect your investment.

Some of the best savings is ensuring you are not out of your entire purchase price if you must change your plans. Travel insurance is an investment.

Cruises and airfare are expensive. If something happens and you miss your departure, travel insurance will refund some of the cost of both airfare and travel packages.

Terms and conditions vary by policy, so read carefully and choose the plan which best fits your needs and budget.


This was the last segment of the Vacation Savings Series. Take a moment to vote in the poll.


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  1. James Parsons

     /  November 18, 2011

    Your tips and advise are great, they can be used everyday not just saving for vacation.Great work Red.


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