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Prompt: Create A Holiday

holiday ecard

With thousands of holidays cluttering a calendar with only 365 days, finding a celebratory cause which was not already claimed was a mite tough.

Last Minute

Red Road Trip Bus

Are you one of those people who wait until now to shop for gifts?

Saturday Evening Post

It has been an überbusy week. With the big Frazier fir, Russian tea and sugar cookies, it is beginning to smell like Christmas, even with the air conditioner blowing. Clyde has a new host of questions. Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. Let’s talk.

What Momma Says

Everyone can tell you something their mother used to say (or still does say) with the regularity of a Swiss watch. This Momma is absolutely no different. Well, at least not in terms of the regularity part… Wonder what my children will say I always say?

Saturday Evening Post

It is Christmas Eve. We have been to the Christmas Eve service in the park. A warm fire, great fellowship and good music surrounded by friends and family.