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Surprise Winners!


Two of this week’s winners had no idea he was entered! Who do you think won the copies of Mac Kinnon’s Breaux: An American Icon?

When the raffle went live, there was an error in it which prevented early comers from seeing the way to get 47 entries (most of which you can do everyday).  When I tromped over to RaffleCopter to fix it, I took the liberty of entering everyone who had already commented into the book giveaway…it was only fair.

The winners of the copies of Breaux: An American Icon are:




So, who do you think knew a chance was in the bag (having entered on more than one day) vs. those who had no idea they were entered to win?

There are no glitches this week. If you do not enter (Binky), you cannot possibly win!

What is up for grabs? Mantra for a Muse. The book which came into being directly in relation to the support of the M3 Readers. Enter for your chance at an autographed copy. If there are more than 200 entries, Bear will choose two numbers instead of one.

Click the cover of the book to be taken to the book giveaway. In just a few days, you could have 100 entries all by yourself!


Have you taken the new poll? I am going to be rearranging M3 soon. You get to help be part of the process. Did you enter to win the book?

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  1. hello sweet RED – did i just read “win free cheese ” !!!!!!!!!!!!
    love all you do 🙂
    u know it
    it’s a beautiful full moon tonight —–
    howl 🙂 meow xx
    sending love xo
    Cat Forsley recently posted..No Rules Award + Thank You Summer Hearts ! xo Cat Forsley ©My Profile

    • LOL! Cheese. I know the moon is gorgeous. I saw it peek out from between the clouds a few times. It is sending snowy beams in through the window. Not so sure I will be howling tonight…I see sleep in my crystal ball! Much love, mon Chat Doux <3 xxx

      • The ad says “win free cheese ” either that or the full moon has done something ….lol ……………
        i am all for cheese ….. 🙂
        Love —- and no howling at the moon – seriously though gonna click on that ad …..
        goodnight love xoxooxo
        two full moons in a month —- wowza ……..:)
        peaceful dreams – and yes ……..
        love love xoxoxooxoxoox
        Cat xoxoxoxo zzzzzz xx
        Cat Forsley recently posted..No Rules Award + Thank You Summer Hearts ! xo Cat Forsley ©My Profile

        • Blue moon. Last one until 2015. OOOOOOOH! An ad for cheese. ROFL! I thought it was a twisted moon joke 😉 *giggles* Love you muches <3 xxx

          • Seriously !!!!!!! I just went to check out the cheese …….! 2015 —- wow !
            i knew the ad was a little bit cuckoo – but hey – had to click it !!!!!!!! i was imagining a truckload of cheese being delivered to my apt …….. LOl
            time for bed ……….
            Good night Moon xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox
            smiles and uber hugs xoxoxoxo
            Cat Forsley recently posted..No Rules Award + Thank You Summer Hearts ! xo Cat Forsley ©My Profile

          • I am envisioning your apartment stacked with boxes of Parmesan cans, wheels of cheddar, nets of mozzarella and cans of squeeze cheese! ROFL! Oh, the poem Soma could make from that! <3 Hope you got lots of rest, mon Chat Doux! xxx

  2. Drat! I rigged the system, and still didn’t win! I might just have to play by the rules one of these days.
    Binky recently posted..Birthday of AgesMy Profile

  3. Did someone say “Squeeze Cheeze ” oooooooooooh 🙂
    I know Right – Soma could make a whole cartoon world out of cheese …………. l,et me look up and see if that ad is still there –
    YUPPPP IT IS ……………..:)
    i got some good rest Lovely Red —- thank You – Labour Day weekend – wooohooooooooo 🙂
    Bring on the Fun and Free Cheese —— especially in squeezable form !!!!!!!! what is in that stuff ? “EDIBLE OIL PRODUCTS ” EWWWWW 🙂
    Love you muchly
    Stunning day here – hope for you too ———
    Cat Forsley recently posted..No Rules Award + Thank You Summer Hearts ! xo Cat Forsley ©My Profile


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