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The Fourth Day of…

This incessant fairy is out of the lantern and would like to lead today’s post. Meh. Let her.

Please Help

Guys and dolls, this is a short one.

Inevitable Silence?

What was the question?

The SIB held a series of questions which were destined to make their way to the posts of The M3 Blog, as they are a shining example of the intelligence and curiosity of the M3 Readers.

Saturday Evening Post

This has been an eventful roller coaster of a week. If you read the M3 Friday Follies, you got look into just one of the adventures. After a brief recap of a few of the others, Clyde has a Folly to bring you compliments of Verizon. The fans are swirling the cool air. Grab a […]

GoodReads: More Miscommunication

Most of you who are friends with me on GoodReads know I am not there as much as I would like to be. Little did I know their email system was unreliable.