Recognition, Reprisal and Redemption?

Many a writer has lamented the lack of recognition in our industry. Many writers can wallpaper their offices in rejection letters. A handful enjoy unabashed fame with scores of accolades. I am in a small minority somewhere in between.


M3 Wins

Earlier this week, I was awarded an accolade from a fellow blogger. She saw potential in my little blog, with its eclectic, prolific posts. You can check it out and learn a little about me, the wacko with the blog, with the link above.


My colleagues at another site nominated me to win an award yesterday. To win, I need my followers and fellow bloggers to visit the link above and vote for my hub, “Parents Burying Children Is Unnatural” in the third section’s voting box (Health).

Ballot Box showing preferential voting


Readers only have a finite amount of time, so writers are expected to keep it short and simple. My hub is neither. I have found my competition not only to be formidable in terms of writing caliber, but also in sneakiness. You see, those who are voting for them are voting down my hub.

If you please…

If you make the trip to see what the buzz is about, please click on the link to actually read my piece. Above the comments section are buttons where you can vote it up or down and leave an automated opinion (funny, interesting, useful, awesome, beautiful). I would be honored if you left me a comment.


Today, a long-time colleague of mine, who has written hundreds of thousands of words, told me, “Words suck.” Such a strange thing to read from a fellow writer. Yet, in that tiny sentence was held something as powerful as anything he had ever told me in print or by mouth. Our words carry the ability to impart knowledge, emotion and passion. Contrary wise, they have the ability to fail to address knowledge, emotion and passion.

Your Turn

Take a moment to see if words fail either me or you.

Until next time,


I want to thank the readers who have already gone to vote, read and rate. You have managed to negate the loss of rank and raise the Hub score five additional points from where it began when it was nominated! Voting continues until Wednesday. Please share this post with your friends! (All those cute little buttons above the comment section I know you already pressed!)

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